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Skincare for sweaty babes

Skincare for sweaty babes?

A few weeks ago, I posted this Instagram of my new five skincare products: FRÉ Skincare. And since then, I’ve had several of you...

makeO: Revolutionizing the way Indians Smile and Glow

MakeO is a revolutionary new platform that is quickly gaining popularity in India as a way for people to get access to high-quality, affordable...
Tips for Sleeves

Tips to make your hands look thinner in Sleeveless

Most of us have a desire to wear sleeveless dresses. But if we wear them, we all wonder where our arms look. Half sleeves...
Beauty hair and skin care

Beauty hair and skin care without makeup: only oil

In her book The Art of Living Simply, French Dominic Loro, who has been living in Japan for 20 years, talks about how simplicity...
Silk saree blouse designs collection

Trending Silk saree blouse designs collection

Silk sarees are hard to find alternative matching blouse with beautiful patterns. Silk saree blouse designs are not only beautiful but also perfect in...
Pedicure at home

How to do Pedicure at Home

Fracture of the feet is not only inevitable .. it is also a sign of illness. We say that we are not following a...
Home made oil recipe

Prepare homemade oil easily for beautiful hair

Hair oil massage is no stranger to taking care of the hair and keeping it smooth and black. We've been doing this for years....
How to apply perfume correctly?

How to apply perfume correctly?

The best time to apply the perfume is after a shower or bath, as the pores are open and the aroma penetrates better. In...
The Best Night Cream

What Makes a Cream The Best Night Cream

The signs of aging are relentless. It is a proven fact that no one can stop time. It is the absolute worst enemy for...
hair cut salon near me for ladies

How often should hair be cut to be healthy?

The experts answer us how to cut hair to keep it healthy and grow faster, as well as salon treatments that are hot this...

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