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beauty in bag

Every girl should have these beauty products in her bag to look beautiful

Girls will not compromise on beauty. Whether it is a college going girl or starting a new job, the aunty at home is constantly...
Beauty hair and skin care

Beauty hair and skin care without makeup: only oil

In her book The Art of Living Simply, French Dominic Loro, who has been living in Japan for 20 years, talks about how simplicity...
Tips for Sleeves

Tips to make your hands look thinner in Sleeveless

Most of us have a desire to wear sleeveless dresses. But if we wear them, we all wonder where our arms look. Half sleeves...
Benefits of guava leaves

Enhance your beauty and health with Guava leaves

Most of the youth want to look gorgeous and handsome. They spend a lot of money on buying new products and cosmetics which are...
Skincare for sweaty babes

Skincare for sweaty babes?

A few weeks ago, I posted this Instagram of my new five skincare products: FRÉ Skincare. And since then, I’ve had several of you...
anti ageing face pack

Anti ageing face packs – A Treatment for Dry, Oily Or Rough Skin

Anti-ageing face packs are a multi-million dollar industry, with many manufacturers attempting to pitch their product as the cure for what ails you. Aging...
What are Cosmeceuticals?

What are Cosmeceuticals?

Cosmeceuticals The definition of a constituent to be used for cosmetic purposes defines it as a care substance that is purposed to enhance the appearance...
Skin types

Skin types – how to recognize them

Due to genetic conditions, we divide the skin into certain types. They depend on the active sebaceous and sweat glands, age, changes with age...
Natural beauty tips from kitchen

Natural beauty tips from kitchen

Today there are a wide variety of beauty products available on the market. But the reality is that the most effective products can be...
How to use jojoba oil to take care of your hair and skin

How to use jojoba oil to take care of your hair and skin

It is a natural product rich in nutrients that play a key role in the care of our skin and hair. The oil is...

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