Ingredients for hair growth are not limited to greens, fruits, and nuts. You can actually get a load of benefits from flower petals, making hair products even more alluring for consumers. For instance, cherry blossoms or Sakura flowers are known for their light pink-hued petals, making the trees as top-rated tourist attractions in South Korea and Japan. 

Little known by everybody, cherry blossoms are not only visually attractive. The petals can be used in brewing tea and creating desserts. These pastel pink-colored flowers are also extracted to make hair growth shampoos and conditioners for women. As a matter of fact, cherry blossoms can offer a myriad of benefits for your tresses.

Do you want to know the secret to a fuller, thicker and healthier hair? Discover how adding cherry blossom extract in your hair care regimen can prevent hair growth maladies.


Cherry Blossoms: How Can This Pink-Hued Flower Oil Promote Hair Growth?

Sakura petals and cherries are extracted and used in making hair growth products. Get to know the benefits that cherry blossom oil can offer for your hair.

1. Its extract can alleviate scalp inflammations.

Many people tend to ignore scalp acne and itchiness. Neglecting these two symptoms can worsen, which can affect hair growth. Excess sebum on your scalp can clog your pores, cause inflammations, and may even block your hair follicles. 

Nitric oxide is also another known stimulator of inflammations. However, some studies revealed that cherry blossom extract has anti-inflammatory properties that can relieve your irritated scalp caused by nitric oxide as well as sodium lauryl sulfate.

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2. Its antioxidant properties can beat off free radicals.

Cherry blossom extract is also enriched with antioxidants that can ward off free radical damage. A group of scientists discovered a super antioxidant called caffeic acid in the cherry blossoms’ plum vinegar extract. This phenolic compound is essential to hair growth because it can dispel threats that can cause hair cell damage.

3. It can smooth the hair cuticles for a softer texture.

Cherry blossom extract does not only keep your hair healthy on the inside, but it also protects its condition on the outside. Slathering this essential oil on your mane can also suppress your hair’s rough texture. By coating your hair cuticles with a protective barrier, this flower extract can lock in enough moisture to keep your tresses soft and luscious.

4. It prevents your hair cells from dying cause by AGE.

Advanced glycogen end-products (AGE) are formed after glycation, a process wherein sugars attach to proteins or lipids. These toxins are harmful to the body, for they can accelerate aging and trigger degenerative diseases.

However, a recent study has shown the significant impact of cherry blossom extract in curbing cellular death induced by AGE. Thus, you can prevent your hair from prematurely greying and weakening with the help of Sakura essential oil.

5. It makes your hair smell like sweet-scented flowers.

The fragrance is one of the women’s top priorities when selecting a hair growth product. It is because sweet-scented products put your hair care experience on another level. Coumarin is the natural compound behind cherry blossoms’ perfumed smell. It also has a calming effect, which helps reduce stress levels and prevent hair loss problems. However, scientists do not recommend eating Sakura petals in large amounts for excessive coumarin in the body can damage your liver and kidneys.

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Let Your Hair Bloom with Cherry Blossom Extract.

If you’re not satisfied with your current hair care favorite, switch to a cherry blossom-infused hair growth product because Sakura extract is healthy for your hair. This flower wonder will not only keep your hair fragrant the whole day, but it will also keep your locks soft, lustrous, luscious, and blooming.