In an era when there are tons of skincare products available for every purpose and benefit possible, it is easy to get confused about what to choose and what not to choose. But when talking about products that make your skin soft, supple, and healthy, two kinds of products that often confuse people the most are moisturisers and hydrators. They are so commonly used that it is easy to use them interchangeably. However, while they are similar, they serve entirely different purposes.

So, if you, too, are someone who is unable to choose from a cart full of moisturisers and hydrators, we tell you everything about which one you should choose. From their intrinsic differences to why you should choose one over the other, we make you privy to the secrets of attaining the skin you have always dreamt of.


Difference Between a Moisturiser and a Hydrator

It is easy to confuse the two products as their ultimate goal is to bring life back into your skin and make it soft, supple, and healthy. However, the basic formulation and the way they work is entirely different.

As the name suggests, a moisturiser aims to moisturise your skin. Rather than adding moisture, moisturisers create a barrier so that the existing moisture does not evaporate and there is no water loss. Made with emollient and occlusive ingredients and components like oils, waxes, and butter that do not mix with water, moisturisers trap the moisture in your skin. In this way, moisturisers maintain the hydration level of your skin by keeping it intact.

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On the other hand, hydrators aim to introduce more hydration to your skin by increasing the water content. These products contain humectants, which work by attracting water from the environment and using that to increase your skin’s hydration levels. Usually made with ingredients like glycerin, hyaluronic acid, and aloe vera, they improve skin elasticity and reduce signs of ageing.

Naturally, moisturisers replenish your skin’s surface by sealing in the moisture content already in your skin. On the contrary, hydrators penetrate deep within and replenish your skin from within by increasing the water content.

When to Go For a Moisturiser

To keep your skin looking and feeling healthy, a moisturiser must be part of your daily post-cleansing beauty routine. Even if you don’t need to add more hydration, maintaining the existing hydration is crucial for healthy skin. However, the kind of moisturiser you use must change depending on your skin’s conditions, such as the following.

When You Develop Dry, Flaky, and Patchy Skin

If your skin has become dry to the point of shedding in dry and flaky patches, it is long overdue for a healthy dose of moisturisation. Your skin develops such patches only when the top layer is absolutely devoid of any kind of nourishment and moisture. In such cases, going for a thick emollient moisturiser is crucial, as it can create a tough seal to keep the existing moisture content intact.

Amid Harsh Environmental Conditions

Harsh weather conditions are one of your skin’s most harmful enemies, so it needs to be sufficiently equipped to face them. So, if you live in a low-humidity place with excessively cold winds, your skin is prone to losing out on its water content. That is why choosing an effective moisturiser is key, depending on the weather conditions.

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If Your Skin is Sensitive

Although moisturising is necessary regardless of the type of skin you have, those with sensitive skin need to add this to their skincare routine compulsorily. The skin becomes sensitive when its natural barrier has been compromised. Accordingly, regular moisturising can help restore this barrier and reduce irritation considerably.

When to Go For a Hydrator

Contrary to moisturisers, you know when to opt for hydrators when your skin starts appearing dull instead of dry. Dullness is the sign of your skin losing moisture content from within and getting dehydrated, which is entirely different from your skin drying out. So, here are all the instances when your skin needs that additional dose of hydration.

Hot and Humid Climates

Hot and humid weather can wreak havoc on your skin, which is why it needs an additional dose of hydration in addition to regular moisturisation. While that may seem counter-effective, humid weather leads to much faster water loss due to excessive sweating. Accordingly, a light gel-based hydrator can be just what your skin needs in such climates.

Before and After Long Journeys

Long journeys, especially flights, can also lead to your skin feeling dehydrated due to the very dry cabin air. Furthermore, the difference in climate between your origin and destination of travel can also lead to rapid and excessive hydration loss. So, loading up on additional hydration before, during, and after can keep your skin feeling healthy.

When Premature Fine Lines and Wrinkles Appear

When your skin develops premature fine lines and wrinkles, it is a sign that it has become dehydrated from deep within. Accordingly, you must regularly use hydrators to bring the elasticity and plumpness back to your skin. In such cases, hydrators, such as serums containing hyaluronic acid, can improve your skin’s elasticity and make it more smooth, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles considerably.

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Moisturisers are products that need to be included in your regular skincare routine, while hydrators are supplements that you need to add based on the condition of your skin. However, adding both to your skincare routine can keep your skin in optimal condition at all times by keeping your skin’s natural moisture barrier intact and always replenished from deep within.

However, regardless of the kind of product you need, it is ideal to opt for one that is hypoallergenic and is tested to be safe on the skin. And to get your hands on the most trusted moisturizer and hydrator brands, tira is the one-stop shop. With thousands of products from hundreds of renowned brands, tira has everything you can possibly need to curate your skincare routine. So, get shopping now!