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Looking for write for us health. Perfect Health Fit focused on Beauty, Fashion, Health write for us, and Fitness. We are looking for guest post contributors that relate to these various fields, but also what surrounds these areas such as self-confidence, well-being, etc.

We are open to your contributions! Writing for Perfect Health Fit, you can share your knowledge with the world, helping us in our mission to spread respect for people. We work with writers across the globe. Add your voice!

We are accepting guest post articles related to beauty, fashion, makeuphealth write for us, and lifestyle techniques.

Few Categories That We Accept Articles From:

Guidelines of the Article – Health Write for Us

  • Articles sent to Perfect Health Fit should be original and previously unpublished. Plagiarism of content is strictly forbidden.
  • Posts must be a minimum of 600 words with headings and should not have any grammatical mistakes. Make sure title should be attractive and less than 60 characters. The content should be authentic and informative
  • We allow 2 link back from the article.
  • Create dynamic content that provides value to the audience and paragraphs should not contain more than three lines.
  • We love to publish articles that contain images and videos.
  • Commercial or self-promotional publications for companies will have a cost. Contact us for more information.
  • Submit articles in word format.
  • Make sure the subject of your email includes the phrase “Guest Posts Wanted”.
  • We possess the right to refuse or alter any item that does not comply with the instructions above.

Send in your Articles right away!

Tips For The Content You Send Us – Health Write For Us

Beauty: Teach how to prepare, apply, or buy natural and non-toxic beauty products. Think that the reader is familiar with organic products, but not with their detailed application or preparation.

Recipes: Start with a brief paragraph about how the dish is served and why it is one of your favorites in the recipe, including the number of portions, the ingredients (and their measurements).

Yoga/Training/Fitness/Sport: Explain in detail the specific instructions on how to carry out the activity. Think that the reader is fit but new to this particular activity. Include photos (see our instructions for photos) or a three-minute video to illustrate the exercise.

Personal essays: Explain the experience of your life. Include a change of perspective (teach that transformation), let the reader enter your process and thoughts (your original motivations), and be personal. The more honest and vulnerable you are about your struggles and victories, the more inspired and empathetic the readers will be with your story.

What is To Be Done – Health Write For Us

Be original: The publications must be unique and original for Perfect Health Fit and can not be published on any other page or personal blog, nor be scheduled for distribution on other pages and if you wish to do so do not hesitate to contact us to do something well done and without Repeat, so as not to harm any website.

Add something: We have a wide range of topics and a large content library. What can your article add to what already exists?

Include all the necessary tests: If you mention any statistics or study in your article, include a link to the source. If you claim that some food is healthy, explain how you know it. We prefer links to documents evaluated and commented on by scientists, academic journals, or any credible news media.

Includes Images: Must include 2 HQ images.

Think of a great title that captures the attention of readers and makes them want to read your article: Ask yourself what the problem solves this article and how it can improve the lives of readers is.

Write a short introduction: Does the first sentence make the reader want to continue reading? Does the first paragraph explain clearly and arouses what the article is about?

Write in your voice: Explain things as you would explain them to a friend. Use a close tone.

The benefits of contributing to Perfect Health Fit

  1. Grow your website’s traffic
  2. Promotes personal brand
  3. Increases online authority
  4. Increase Domain Authority

How to Submit Your Article:

  • If your article meet the above mentioned guidelines then you can send it to us at
  • Our content team will review your blog and get back to you if any changes required and then it will be published.

We will be delighted if you contribute content to Perfect Health Fit. Feel free to email us

As we receive lots of requests. We will be reviewing your article as soon as possible.

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