Baby care in rainy season

It is natural to look forward to the rainy season during the burning summer season. However, once the rainy season begins, there will be relief on the one hand and some complications on the other. Temperature is reduced. Gives enough relief. However, the storage of rain water, insects, and humidity can bring some health risks.

During the rainy season most young children as well as New Burn Babies are in trouble. So, here are tips to help you cope with the health risks of rainy season


Keep Humidity in control

Monsoon plays a major role in increasing humidity. Therefore, babies are more prone to irritation. Although pacifiers and teethers provide some relief, it is important to keep the air humid under control. To keep the air dry, you must turn on the air conditioner or use a dehumidifier. Running the air conditioner can cause the papaya to get cold. So keep baby rugs available. Also, the weather may not completely cover the clothing. Therefore, use warm iron on clothing.

Eat and Drink Clean:

Hygiene plays a prominent role over time. Especially in the rainy season, the importance of hygiene should be noted. In the case of hygiene, you should be more careful when you have children. It is during this time that bacteria and fungi thrive. So, focus on what you eat and what you drink. Make baby bottles more accessible. Availability of extra bottles makes it easier to boil bottles. Store the food in the fridge to prevent the papaya food from spoiling.

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Baby safety in rainy season

Banish Bugs at Home:

Ants, mosquitoes and fleas enter homes to protect them from rain. Be careful not to choose your home. Be wary of storing water around the house. Make sure everything is dry and clean. Especially be careful to keep the blankets clean. The rest of the rooms, especially the papaya room, have to be cleaned every day. So, be careful without vermin. Mosquito protection can be obtained by using good night patches.

Baby care

Smarter Dresses:

It may not rain every day during the rainy season. Sometimes the sun is high. There is also the possibility of observing such temperatures during the summer months. Therefore, be prepared for papai with light-sleeved cotton dresses that are light. Therefore, they are protected from mosquitoes. Cotton cloth also provides coolness. Clothes should be used well.