Kiwi fruit benefits

There is a tremendous demand for fruits in the market these days. One of the main reasons for this is that people are concerned about the health of the people. Kiwi is one of the most nutritious fruits our body needs.

This kiwi fruit is also known as ‘Chinese gooseberry’. The fruits are shaped like walnut and resemble gooseberry taste. These fruits have been very popular since the 12th century. When did the fruit grow from China to New Zealand and Australia? But the fruit is still growing in China.


Facts About Kiwi Fruit

health benefits of kiwi

China is the largest producer of kiwi fruit in the world. About 20 lakh tonnes of fruits are imported each year.

100 grams of orange .. Only 53 milligrams of vitamin C .. The same 100 grams of kiwi contains about 64 milligrams of vitamin C.

Eating too much kiwi fruit can cause allergic reactions. However, it is more than just a health benefit.

Nutritional Values ​​of Kiwi

nutrirtional value of kiwi fruit

The nutritional value of kiwi fruit is enormous. For that reason .. Doctors say it should be part of the diet.

100 grams of kiwi contains 61 calories, 0.5 grams fat, 3 milligrams sodium, 312 milligrams potassium, 1.1 grams protein & 15 grams carbohydrates.

And when it comes to vitamins and minerals …

Vitamin A – 1%, Calcium – 0.03, Vitamin C – 1.54, Iron – 1%, Vitamin B6 – 5%, Magnesium – 4% are available in kiwi fruit. So if anyone has a shortage of vitamins and minerals in the body .. they can make kiwi fruit part of their diet.

Uses of Kiwi fruit

Kiwi fruit masks can be used as a face mask.

Using kiwi fruit masks as a shampoo for hair care, hair loss or white spots can be avoided.

On a variety of foods .. Garnish with kiwi fruit.

A variety of milkshakes can be made with kiwi fruit.

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Eating kiwi fruit as part of the diet can reduce the severity of asthma.

10 reasons to eat kiwi fruit

10 Health Benefits of Kiwi

Here are 10 health benefits of kiwi fruit

Improves heart health

Due to the potassium in the kiwi fruit, many heart problems go away. People who take four milligrams of potassium per day are less likely to suffer from cardiovascular problems, experts say.

Keeping blood pressure under control

People who suffer from high blood pressure. The nutrients in it keep our blood pressure under control.

Increases digestion

For those who suffer from digestive problems .. Kiwi fruit is great. It stimulates our digestion. It also makes the food taste better. Actinidine, an enzyme found in kiwi fruit, is very effective in boosting digestive power in man.

Being able to suppress unwanted toxins

The human body is home to many toxins. But if these percentages are higher .. Our body will certainly face many difficulties. If we want to prevent any unnecessary toxins in our body .. It is better to have kiwi fruit as part of the diet.

Great for the eye

If eye problems worsen … dietary changes may be needed to overcome them. Eat kiwi fruit as part of it. Antioxidants in kiwi fruit .. keep our eye tissues and cells healthy.

Preventing problems in the bones

Vitamin K and calcium in kiwi fruit can control a variety of bone problems. Especially when the bones are damaged in case of any accident.

Diabetes can also be controlled

If you eat fruits in general, the percentage of sugar in it increases the risk of diabetes in man’s body. However, the glycemic index in the kiwi fruit is low compared to the others. Also, the percentage of water in the fruit is similar to the diet taken by people with diabetes. The fruit contains only 11 grams of carbs. This percentage is higher in other fruits.

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Fights skin cancer

Kiwi fruit is also considered a treatment for skin cancer. Eating kiwi fruit as part of the diet can help people with skin disorders. Due to the vitamin C found in kiwi fruit, they fight the skin cells in the body.

Great for weight loss

Kiwi fruit on weight loss

There are many ways to lose weight nowadays. Make Kiwi fruit a part of your diet. The low glycemic index, high fiber content, etc. found in kiwi fruit helps to accumulate fat in our body. This helps our body not to lose weight.

Controlling the acidic levels in the body

The majority of the minerals in kiwi fruit are in our body. This is because the acid levels are correct.

10 Reasons Why Eat Kiwi Fruit Every Day

Every day kiwi fruit is a part of the diet

Vitamin c

Vitamin C is one of the many nutrients found in kiwi fruit. Vitamin C is also known as a high-yielding fruit.

Cardiovascular problems are preventable

This is one of the benefits of eating kiwi fruit every day. This is because eating this fruit helps to control the percentage of fat in our body. Thereby preventing cardiovascular disorders.

People with asthma should take it

People with asthma are more likely to have lung problems. Since they are such, it is advisable to take this kiwi fruit as part of the diet on a regular basis.

Prevents blood clots

Eating kiwi fruit helps keep blood pressure under control. It also helps prevent blood clots. That’s why many doctors .. prescribe kiwi fruit to patients.

Increases immunity

If our body’s immune system is so strong .. it will fight our physical disorders. By making kiwi fruit part of the diet, its immune properties make it good for our body.

As a treatment for a non-alcoholic fatty liver

Fatty liver is one of the disorders caused by high level fatty foods, not only due to alcohol. Kiwi fruit is also considered as a treatment for this. This is because the properties of the kiwi fruit dissolve the fat in the body. It is also considered a treatment for a non-alcoholic fatty liver.

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For healthy sleep …

According to a survey .. Those who ate the fruit two hours before bedtime … compared to those who ate it before going to bed were less likely to suffer from insomnia. For this reason, people with insomnia may try this kiwi fruit once.

For healthy skin …

The kiwi fruit protects against skin disorders or cancer. As well as for facial skin .. you can try a face pack made with kiwi fruit.

For eye care …

Eating this kiwi fruit every day … diminishes the variety of chemical reactions that cause our eyes trouble.

Keeping a healthy percentage in the body …

The lowest percentage of kiwi fruit is due to the glycemia index. One type of diabetes is also under control.

Kiwi for Skin Care

By applying Kiwi fruit products or face packs.

Reducing the black circles that occur under the eyes
Because of the kiwi fruit pulp that surrounds our eyes, there are plenty of black circles under them.

Reducing itching

The kiwi fruit has the power to prevent irritations that occur on the skin or face. Antioxidants in it can reduce the itching.

Dry skin ..

Various vitamins and minerals found in kiwi fruit will not dry the skin. Wrinkles can also be reduced

On the face .. works like a cleanser

Kiwi works as cleanser

The ‘Vitamin C’ found in kiwi fruit can also wipe away the dirt on our face. When we put the Kiwi fruit mask on our face .. the skin becomes light.

Skin also battles cancer
Vitamin C in kiwi fruit helps in prevention of skin disorders like skin cancer etc.