Drinking water after having tea and coffee

Tea and coffees are known not to drink water immediately before or during drinking. Is this true? What happens when you drink water?

Adults are asked if they ask for water after drinking tea. Doing so is known to cause aches. If you want water, drink it before tea. And what’s the difference between the two? Do you really want to eat fruit after drinking tea? Let us see what the experts have to say on this.

Most people habitually drink tea and coffee in the morning. If they drink, they cannot cheer all day. Moreover, tea and coffee are believed to relieve stress and fatigue. Many people drink tea and relax, even if it is a headache. Some people have a habit of drinking tea and coffee immediately. However, experts say that this habit does not cause much damage.

Drinking water after having hot hot tea or coffee resulting in quick teeth brushing. You need not worry about this. If in doubt, drink tea after three minutes. Or water well. This will not only clean the mouth but also make the teeth look dirty. Also, drinking water before drinking TV coffees is also advisable. Let’s see why.

tea and coffee

water before tea and coffee, because ..

❂ Tea coffee contains high levels of caffeine. They prevent cancer and obesity. But they are high in fluoride, along with caffeine. It also contains tannin ingredients that are made from fruit. So, it is better to water the mouth after tea.

❂ Do not take food or tea, coffee, milk or water hot. Doing so can damage the membrane on the aero-digestive system, which extends from the mouth to the esophagus. Drinking some water before they drink it will eliminate the risk.

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❂ Drinking water before drinking tea, coffee and milk is advisable. Because of this, the taste buds on the tongue are not damaged. Drinking water first can help withstand some temperature.

Coffee powder contains more caffeine than tea. People who drink quality coffee in moderation do not get cancer, heart disease or Alzheimer’s. However, people who are drinking excessive amounts of caffeine may be at risk of developing liver disease. Drinking too much tea and coffee before drinking some water is advisable.

Decotion in tea serves as a natural color. This is why they are used most often in hair dyes. And if you drink such tea directly, the fruit will stick to that color. That is why it is best to drink water before or after tea.

❂ Tea and coffee cause acidity. They are at risk of damaging the tooth. Acidity can also cause problems in the stomach and throat. If you drink tea and coffee after drinking water, there is no problem.

❂ Tea contains chemicals like caffeine and thiamine. That is why it is not advisable to overeat them. Drinking water before or after tea can help prevent toxicity in the form of urine. However, it is advisable to drink water after 5 minutes of tea.