Foods to avoid at night

Do not take this food at night before going to sleep. Don’t buy sickness.

Food should always be taken at the right time. Otherwise, it can lead to indigestion, anemia, malnutrition, heartburn, abdominal pain, weight, muscles, bones and sleep problems. Proper diet and eating at the right time will increase the life span. Chronic illnesses do not go away.

Follow these steps:

Breakfast should be eaten within two hours, approximately two hours after waking up in the morning.

Eat breakfast from 8 to 9 am.
Have lunch at 12 noon.

Eat lunch at 7 pm

If you follow these steps .. You will not have much problem eating.

Do not sleep immediately after taking food.

There should be a minimum of 4 – 5 hours gap between breakfast and lunch.
The principle of ‘Breakfast should be eaten like a King – Dinner Beggar’ must be followed.
Don’t eat dinner after 10 pm.

Avoid these foods at night

Do not  eat fruits and spicy food at night

It is not advisable to eat fruits at night. Acids present in fruits can lead to gastric problems. Do not eat yogurt at night. Colds, coughs and allergies should be avoided.

Meal with yoghurt at night produces mucus. Eating carbohydrates during night sleep can increase blood sugar levels. Drinking coffee and tea at night is not advisable. It is best to take it in the morning, afternoon and evening.

Do not eat oranges, grapes or pineapples that are high in citrus levels. Do not eat these on an empty stomach at all.

Never eat spicy food like pizza and burger. It takes a long time to digest.

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Tomato sauces and cheeses can interfere with digestion. Avoiding food at night is not advisable. Eat something okay. Otherwise sugar levels will drop.

Stay away from carnivores at night. Most proteins and fats in the meat are not quickly digested. Don’t eat sweets after dinner. Increases the pressure on the blood circulation.

✺ Eat only low-calorie, quickly digested foods at night fingers.

Eating bananas after a meal is a good idea. But, don’t take it at night fingers. This causes mucus to form in the lungs.

✺ Apple is also good for health. But, if you eat at night, the acid levels in the stomach increase.

Rice is high in carbohydrates. If you eat rice at night, you will gain weight.

A good alternative to rice is to eat wheat or sorghum.

Taking almonds, pistachios and walnuts at night can cause indigestion and gas problems.
Sweet and dark chocolate is best not to eat at night.