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The immune system of our body constantly protects against various diseases. Infection occurs only when insects are attacked beyond its scope. The body can use immunity to treat disease more quickly.

Homeopathic medicine is the science that relies on this power. Homeopathy manufactures many medicines to eliminate infections and other problems that occur in the skin and other vital organs. The ingredients used in this system are almost all natural and have good immunity to this infection.

For example, suppose the skin is itchy. Now homeopathic remedies are good medicines for skin diseases. The body will inevitably have to use immunity to heal itself. Thereby curing the disease naturally. The immune system also develops a number of factors that contribute to this problem. So it is almost impossible to get sick once in life.

In today’s article, we will look at homeopathic remedies for common skin problems, allergies, skin redness and other common ailments.

Homeopathy medicine


Homeopathic remedies for common skin problems include:

1. Sulfur

Skin infections

Although sulfur is naturally available in pyrite, sulfur processing used in petroleum products is still used today due to the high cost. When the sulfur gets into the skin, the itching starts. One study reported that forty-two people with skin disease called eczema or atopic dermatitis were treated with sulfur for a certain amount of schizophrenia. Apart from this problem, sulfur can be used to treat the following


Bed sores



Ankle nails

Bungee or small spots


Itching and burning Sparkle.

2. Graphites

Homeopathy for skin infections

It is a form of carbon and contains a small amount of iron. This technique was invented by German physicist Samuel Honeyman. It has been shown that wood can be used as medicine for severe eczema and other skin diseases. Woods can be used to treat a variety of skin diseases. These include:

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Skin rash and cracking due to excessive drying of the skin

To repair the thickened skin on the pierced skin after injury or surgery

Studies show that this method is particularly effective for eczema and itching

3. Squid


It is an octopus-like cuttlefish or octopus. This Marine Life Dish is provided in the form of medicine for relieving depression, especially nursing. The British Homeopathic Association uses it to relieve mental distress during menopause. According to the National Center for Homeopathy, people with irritable skin problems may eat these fish. Other curable diseases of fish include:





Varicose veins Warts

4. Salt (natrum muriaticum)

homeopathic remedies

Although it is a common salt, it is the salt of mine, now dried by the sea millions of years ago. But salt that is still hydrated is used for this purpose. Salt means sodium chloride. But this salt is mixed with a little potassium content. This type of salt is low in natural form and is artificially mixed with potassium. It is mainly used to treat acne vulgaris or slow spreading acne after the onset of small acne.

The rest are blisters that are encountered with herpes or eczema

Eczema or sunburn or allergic skin rash

5. Russ Toxicodendron

Treat skin diseases with homeopathy

It is the name of the plant, also called poison ivy. When the leaf is folded, the milky fluid leaks and it causes massive itching in the skin. Homeopathic juice is used to treat arthritis. To see if this medicine is still used:




It can also be used to reduce inflammation, itching, burning sensation and skin infections.

6. Arsenicum Album

homeopathic medicine

A strong acid called arsenic trioxide is dissolved in water. The water is mixed until the arsenic in it is insoluble. Now there is no fear from this arsenic. The drug is used to treat arsenic poisoning. In addition to:

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Arsenical keratosis

Cancer caused by exposure to arsenic

Exfoliative dermatitis on the skin

It is an excellent medicine for psoriasis and powerful eczema.

7. Cantharis

Catharis for homeopathic medicine

This element of the green beetle body is isolated and removed. It is a poisonous substance, and after the inflamed area, the flames arise. Homeopathy uses this medicine as a medicine for the following diseases:

Lesser skin burns

Minor blisters, itching and inflammation

But when used in pharmaceutical form, the inflammation soon subsides and new skin develops quickly.

8. Ranunculus bulbosus

Skin infections

This is a radish tumor, nicknamed the St. Anthony’s tumor. It is also called Buttercups because its pasty is white. Its flowers are yellow and poisonous. It is used for muscle tissue and skin diseases. The National Center of Homeopathy is used for:


Herpes zoster

The foot nail

Bleeding at the ends of the hand stitches and fingers


9. Hepar sulfuris

homeo remedies for skin infections

This drug, invented by homeopathic father Samuel Honeyman, is a good medicine for powerful eczema. This element is separated from the dryness that comes from scratching the inner layers of sea shells. Also, sulfur flowers can be separated from burnt ash. Diseases used to treat it include:

Eczema or cracked skin


Balloons facing the cold

Painful pus

Also, bacteria called Staphylococcus aureus do not develop in the area where the drug is located.

10. The Mezerium

get rid of skin infections

The drug Meserium is separated from the small bushy stem bark. This medicine is a good choice especially for tooth aches and headaches. However, Samuel Honeyman notes that it can be used as a medicine for crusta lactia. It is a disease found in young children. The child’s skin and skin under the scalp and head of the ear are prone to oily skin. In rare cases this may take a more serious form.

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11. Nitricum Acid

nitric acid for skin infections

It is a naturally occurring ore acid. It helps to prevent skin lesions. Other diseases used to treat it include:

Diseases encountered under the influence of mercury

Tumors and cracks facing under the skin

Bleeding ulcers

It is also used to relieve gastric ulcer and oral odors.

12. Oleander

homeopathic remedies

Isolated from the poisonous plant Nerium oleander, the drug contains high levels of antioxidants. They reduce cellular degradation and oxidative stress. It has antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral properties and can delay the onset of developmental signs. It is rich in flavonoids, vitamins and amino acids to reduce inflammation. The disorders of this medicine are:



Herpes Zoster

It is also good for problems such as food allergies and colitis.

Homeopathy’s chances of skin allergy

These drugs contain toxic chemicals and minerals. If these are used without proper guidance given by homeopathic specialists, the effect can be negative.

Most of the drugs dissolve in water and have its effect. So these are fewer side effects, but they are minor. But these can affect other factors that the patient is already taking. Some drugs may be dangerous if manufactured by unauthorized manufacturers.

Homeopathy, like Ayurveda, is slow and requires a little patience. If you are experiencing some skin problems, why not try homeopathic remedies permanently? Consult a specialist homeopathic doctor, however.

Note: Do not use medicines or vaccines given here without consulting a specialist homeopathic doctor. Consider the symptoms of your illness and explain how long and how long you should take the medication.