Drug and alcohol are the enemies for the human body; excessive consumption of alcohol and drugs can lead to certain serious diseases. Drugs may have long -terms and short -term effects. These can be physiological or physical. Recuperating from drug and alcohol consumption is a slow and cautious process, and proper nutrition requires a lot of attention during this process.

The scarcity of nutrition with drugs and alcohol intake can put remarkable harmful effects on the human body. This can often create disturbance in the body’s capacity to function, which can lead to minerals and vitamin deficiencies.

While consumption of alcohol or drugs, you should – 

  1. Intake less food 
  2. May skip a meal or choose the meal with fewer nutrients
  3. Speed of energy consumption increases
  4. Damage of organs which may lead to improper functioning of the human body. 

Significance of Nutrition  

Our body requires food to maintain the balance between the brain and body. Food act as a fuel for our body, which generates energy throughout the day by breaking down foods into glucose. The brain is a supercomputer of our body which determines everything we do and food is essential for our brain to function properly, less nutritious food may lead to stress and irritation.

A healthy diet during the alcohol addiction recovery phase can contribute to well being and help the body to struggle with malnourishment, which is the side effects of drugs and alcohol.

What To Eat During Recovery?

While ensuring safely detox from alcohol or any other drug, it is important to eat a diet that can help in balancing the serotonin ( a hormone helps in relaxation) level in the brain. Food is rich in carbohydrates, root vegetables, pieces of bread, and legumes. Intake of these, along with protein, will help in keeping you at your best.

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The dearth of B-Complex vitamins like folic acid, B12, and thiamine, is very common in alcohol addiction people. Alcohol consumption leads to the loss of other essential minerals like zinc, potassium, calcium from our body.

In the initial year of recovery, the need for nutrition is quite high than normal days. Malnutrition is a very common problem in addicted people; they feel tired and weak because their immune system becomes weak, which also gives birth to some other problems in the body. So to fulfill the requirement of the body, it is essential to add a proper diet in your habit.

But during detoxification, it is necessary to add meals slowly as the digestive system becomes weak because of excessive consumption of drugs.

Diet during recuperation includes:-

  1. Calcium-rich food
  2. Grains, fruits, and vegetables to fulfill the requirement of complex carbohydrates. 
  3. A moderate amount of protein 
  4. Good oils like olive, flax-seed, etc.

Nutrition helps in recovering the body from inside out; a person who is eating a healthy diet will feel the difference they will have improved mood, powerful immune system, increase in energy, sharp memory. private rehabilitation clinics are focusing on a balanced diet during detoxification; they make others aware of the importance of nutrition in recovering.

Adding nutrition and a balanced diet is not only about recovering but to find the balance of body, mind, and serenity.