Benefits of guava leaves

Most of the youth want to look gorgeous and handsome. They spend a lot of money on buying new products and cosmetics which are chemically manufactured.

Spending much time in the parlors to beautify themselves and to improve their fitness could give them a temporary result. All these beauty products are made up of chemicals which instead damage the skin cells and further may give side effects.

We all know about the benefits of guava fruits but we might don’t know about the medicinal properties and beauty facts of guava leaves.

Yes! Everyone should be aware of the facts of the guava leaves. Nowadays most of the herbal plants are being used rapidly in the treatment of various diseases and the preparation of beauty products.

Guava leaves are highly rich in antioxidants and other phenolic compounds like poly phenols and alkaloids like carotenoids and flavonoids.

In the present day, many of the people are going for herbal supplements so one among them is guava leaves. Due to the presence of medicinal properties, it also got amazing health benefits. These leaf supplements are also sold in the market in the form of capsules.


Guava leaves for hair and skin:

Guava leaves benefits

Guava leaves for hair

The main chemical constituent present in the guava leaves is vitamin c. Which acts as an antioxidant that protects the scalp and promotes the healthy growth of hair?

It also contains thiamine, riboflavin, and niacin which strengthen your hair follicles and can prevent hair fall.

Hair is one of the major things for both men and women so wants to have good and healthy-looking hair. Applying guava leaves remedies can prevent hair loss and nourishes your hair.

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How to use guava leaves to prevent hair loss?

Start your day with guava leaf tea:

Health benefits of guava leaves

Take a few guava leaves, a little amount of boil water, and grinder.

Air-dry the leaves and let the leaves been crispy and make into powder in the grinder.

This leaf powder can be used to make a healthy cup of tea which can also be supplemented with lemon and honey to have tasty guava leaf tea. It is also helpful to lose weight.

You can also prepare the tea with guava leaves in the other way also.

Take 10-15 fresh guava leaves and two cups of water in a vessel. Add this guava leaves in the boiling water and boil for 15 minutes. Drain the water and add a little amount of honey and enjoy the hot tea.

Drinking this tea regularly enhance your hair beauty by preventing split ends and nourishes your hair.

Guava leaves for skin:

Treats acne and dark spots

What you need to do with guava leaves is very simple. Mash it and grind the leaves and make it into the paste. Apply this paste on dark spots and acne on your face. Do it For a few days.

The antioxidants which are present in the guava leaves kill the free radicals which are responsible for damaged skin cells. So it protects the skin from aging and improves the skin tone.

Health with guava leaves:

According to research having guava leaves tea for nearly about 10 weeks can reduce blood sugar. It is very much useful for diabetic patients.

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Guava leaves to treat dengue fever

Guava leaves are also known to cure dengue fever. About 6-9 leaves are immersed in 5 cups of water and allow boiling until the leaf solution becomes half and straining the leaf solution and allowing it to cool.

Give this leaf extract to dengue patients about three times a day which increases the platelet number in the blood. In present-day life, guava leaves are used as herbal medicine and help to cure many other diseases.