Dates to avoid heart diseases

Everyone loves to eat dates whether it is dry dates or date fruit. Date fruits are chewy and soft with a sweet flavour. High amounts of fibers are present in these dates which is beneficial for preventing constipation and controlling blood sugar.

Instead of having a cup of coffee go for a handful of dates. Eating dates daily can protect against atherosclerosis, a major cause of heart attacks and strokes.

According to research adding a handful of dates to your diet could improve your blood triglyceride levels.


Types of dates

Everyone should note that there are three types of dates. They are:


2)Semi dry and

3)Dry dates

Date fruits

All these types of dates are very much useful for human body. Dates are rich in vitamins, minerals and contains natural sugars  such as glucose and fructose. So provide noticeable change in energy levels.

  • These dates can also be used as snacks.
  • Daily having dates may help you to decrease cholesterol level and also control of blood pressure.
  • Decreases various heart diseases.
  • It contains high amount of iron. 100gm of dates contains 0.90mg of iron and also contains high amounts of potassium.

Controls and cures various diseases

  • Prevents entry of diarrhoea
  • Also involves in curing piles

Good for cholesterol

  • It doesn’t contains any cholesterol. So also useful in weight loss.
  • As it contains high amount of sugars so should be taken limited way.
  • Dates are very much useful to remove bad cholesterol which are assimilated in blood vessels.

Dates for healthy heart


  • Every day in the night times take regularly about 3-4 dates and soak them in water and drink this water early in the morning. Follow this remedy which helps to clean up your stomach and keeps your appetite healthy. It is also good for your heart.
  • Take 5-6 dates daily. So that your body get supplemented with good quantity of magnesium.
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It increases the width of the blood vessels and results in free supply of blood in the blood vessels. Finally decreases blood pressure.

Eat these dates every day to avoid Heart diseases

Eat dates for healthy heart

Lowers risk of heart diseases:

  • Date fruits are also rich in potassium.
  • By taking an 400mg of potassium per day can reduce 40% of heart attacks.
  • Patients risk for heart and vascular disease is estimated not only by the quantity of blood and cholesterol levels, but also by the quality.
  • This quality of blood starts to degrade when the cholesterol is oxidized into harmful molecules. In the research scientists found many ways to discover natural anti-oxidants that can help to fight against cholesterol and heart diseases.
  • Researchers have surprised that the diet which is rich in dates couldn’t show any high level of blood sugar.
  • Dates are nutrient rich fruits which can regulate cholesterol levels, maintains bone health and supports a healthy pregnancy.
  • The date fruits can be a healthy supplement. Though these fruits are rich in calories, but these are immensely nutrient dense.
  • It also promotes healthy weight wait gain. Fibers in this dates stabilizes blood sugar levels.

So no more to think go for the healthy diet with the dates and protect your heart. Make your day healthy  with date food. Make sure that your diet contains date fruits and improve your health.