How to Apply Eye Creams
How to Apply Eye Creams

Everyone uses eye creams differently. Even though every eye cream comes with instructions for application, yet we always love to apply the cream the unique ways we deem fit. Some people, however, would follow the labeled instructions religiously, while most of the wrinkles-hating snowflakes would opt to apply the stuff on all willy-nilly.

Is there a standard method to apply eye creams? Are there any best practices?

Well, the answers are quite complicated!

There exists no single, tested and proven strategy on how to use eye creams. Dermatologists and beauty experts are also of the same opinion. The single advice everyone would give you is “apply it gently.”

But, what does applying “gently” actually mean?

Here’s what it means by being gentle when applying an eye cream!


Massaging The Cream Softly

Massage the eye cream very softly and in a circular motion on the skin around your eyes. While massaging, you should also make sure to pat the application. Don’t overdo it. You are at freedom to softly rub the cream, so it penetrates your skin pores. You can even use soft, sweeping strokes. Another option is to dip a cotton ball in the eye cream and then leave it on the skin around your eyes for few minutes.

Don’t Stretch Your Skin

If you are trying to rub the eye cream into your skin by stretching the skin, you are doing it wrong. Make sure that you don’t move the skin when applying the cream. Avoid hard touches.

Leave The Cream To Penetrate Your Skin

You need to give the eye cream enough time to sink in. Leave the cream for at least two minutes on the skin around your eyes, so it absorbs into your skin before you start to apply makeup over it. This will also ensure that your makeup powders don’t get removed from the eye-cream base you just created.

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Don’t Use Too Much Of The Cream

Using too much of the eye cream is not wise. No matter how much you increase the volume of the eye cream, it won’t help make it more effective. The bad news is that applying extra cream would accidently come in contact with your eyes and may irritate you. Always use a pea-sized bit of eye cream on your ring finger and apply it on your brown bone in addition to the skin below your eyes.

Irritation And Sensitivity

Remember, even some of the high quality eye creams can make your skin itchy and sensitive. To cut down the risk, use a little bit of the eye cream on your skin to check how your skin reacts. If you feel no itching or redness, you can then start to use it regularly. If you skin felt uncomfortable, you should stop the treatment right away. In some cases, using very little amount of the product for 2-3 days can help your skin adjust to the application.

Use The Lighter Skincare Product First

To help you skin tolerate eye cream effects, you should first wear the product with a light layer, which in most cases is the eye cream itself, and then apply a moisturizer on top of it. However, make sure that during the time you use eye cream, you cut the use of other cosmetic products.

Apply Eye Cream Two Times A Day

Eye cream must be used two times a day – in the morning and before you go to bed. If you are required to go out in the sun, don’t forget to put on some sunscreen to protect your skin from UV rays.

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Step-By-Step Guide

Here is a step-by-step guide to apply eye cream:

Step 1: Wash your face with a face cleaner and avoid rubbing your skin hard while washing. Leave your skin to dry naturally; do not use a towel. Make sure that the skin around your eyes has been completely cleaned.

Step 2: Now tone the skin around your eyes with a toner, so its PH gets balanced.

Step 3: Apply the needed serums to your neck, face and other regions you deem fit. Let them absorb naturally into your skin.

Step 4: In this step, put a tiny amount of the eye cream on your ring finger and apply to the skin around your eyes, covering both the brow bone and the skin under the eye.

Step 5: Use circular motions to softly spread the cream and tap it to penetrate the skin. Leave the eye cream to dry out for at least two minutes before applying a moisturizer or SPF.


Using an eye cream at the wrong time of your skincare routine can be harmful. Your aim should be to get the eye cream completely absorbed into the skin, so nutrients can reach the cell and the healing process can begin. Skincare experts recommend that you should apply your skincare regimen from lightest to the heaviest, meaning that you should apply the lightest product first and then proceed to the heavy products, one by one.

Control The Quantity

It is never good to overuse an eye cream. Use no more than a little drop on the tip of your ring finger and then apply it to the top and bottom of the skin around your eye. When you observe that you have applied more than the required amount of eye cream, remove the extra cream with a tissue paper.

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Don’t Neglect Important Areas

While applying an eye cream, you should make sure that the important parts of your skin are covered. Never neglect the areas that are more vulnerable to signs of aging. Crow’s feet mostly emerge on the edge of your eye, spreading out to your temple, so never hesitate to apply the eye cream on that particular region. You should also freely apply it a little below your lower lid and the top of your cheek because those areas are also made up of delicate skin.

Don’t Apply Too Close To Your Eyes

Apply your eye cream carefully and make sure it does not come in contact with your eyes. Remember, after you apply the cream, it will make movements as your skin warms up and there is a chance that it can touch your eyes. When an eye cream comes in contact with your eyes, it will cause a burning sensation. Whenever this happens, use cold water to clean your eyes immediately.