Cotton balls uses

Cotton balls are often found in supermarkets. It is used by many people to remove makeup and other things. But, these can also be used nicely. That means ..

For our life to go smoothly we need to know some hacks as well as some tricks. You can do many interesting things with everyday items. These Life Hacks can save you a lot of time and resources at the same time. Let’s learn about the different ways in which cotton ball is used today.

cotton balls for perfume


For perfumes

1.Did you know that cotton balls can be used instead of a perfume bottle? In case you need to go out. You are thinking for an alternative without carrying a bottle of perfume. To do so, apply a few drops of perfume on the cotton balls.

Put them in a zip pouch. Whenever you feel the need to touch then take a cotton ball and use it around the neck as well as in the under arms. So simple.

In beautifying the house

2.In the same way, you can also beautify every corner of the house. Dip a few cotton balls in the essential oil of your choice and place in a bowl. If you want, pour a few drops of vanilla extract on the cotton ball and place it on the cupboard with your clothes. Trust if your clothes scatter fragrances.

3. Cotton balls help to pack your makeup just like your perfume. Rub your favorite bronzer, blush etc. with a cotton ball. Put these cotton balls in a zip bag. You can take them there if you can. Can be happily touched.

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 protecting foot

4.Cotton balls also help to protect the legs from blisters. When wearing footwear, place cotton balls in any area where there is a possibility of pressure blisters. This makes it less likely that the legs will swell.

cotton balls for jewellery

For jewellery safety

5.If you want to take your jewelry anywhere you can give them protection with cotton balls. Jewelry will not break if the platform is set up with cushion law cotton balls. Their quality is damaged.

For gloves safety

6.Also, you can extend the life span of your rubber gloves with a cotton ball. It is ok to set some cotton balls at the finger tips and work. This reduces the risk of rubber gloves tearing.

To clean stains

7. Are there any more stains on the shirt? Don’t worry. Dip one end of a cotton ball into warm paraffin and rub it gently on the affected area. The exchange becomes magical.

Cleaning gadjets

8. Cleaning keyboards as well as TV remotes is a headache? If so, this hack is for you. Keyboard keys as well as remote buttons can be easily cleaned with a cotton ball dipped in alcohol solution.

Cleaning Permanent marker stains

9. Remove Permanent Marker Marks on Skin? Is there an alcohol solution at home? Don’t worry. Gently rub on permanent marker stains with a cotton ball dipped in milk. Ate stains.

In kitchen cleaning

10.Tension with rats, ants as well as spiders? If so, this trick is for you. Dip cotton balls in Peppermint Essential Oil and place in problem areas at home. Reduces the problem of rats, ants as well as spiders. These do not have a peppermint smell. It is more beneficial to put these cotton balls in the kitchen cabinets.

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11. Cotton balls can create a miracle in the place where plankton forms in the bathroom. Turn on the fan in the bathroom. Keep the window open. Wear gloves. Safety is first and foremost. Now take a bowl and pour some water in it and add some bleaching powder. Place these cotton balls in problematic areas. Cotton balls are glued to the respective areas. Let them do so for two hours. The bathroom will shine if you remove and clean them after that.

12. Can’t stand the smell in the bathroom? Can’t remove the odor from the bathroom no matter how much care is taken? If so, Cotton Balls can help you. Take lavender essential oil. Take some cotton balls. Pour this oil over these. Put that bowl in the bathroom. Comes with spa-like fragrances.

13. Does it smell good in the fridge? Do not worry. Take a cotton ball and pour vanilla extract in it. Place these cotton balls in a small bowl in the fridge. This process helps to neutralize the food smells in the fridge.

14. Does the stench bother you when you open the trash can? If so, do so. Pour your favorite essential oil over the cotton balls. Place this cotton ball under the trash can. It is best to use lemon essential oil or tea tree oil for this purpose. This is because they disinfect the bin.

So, are these cotton ball hacks interesting as well as useful? We can get rid of some of the hassles of daily routine through these hacks.

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