How to apply perfume correctly?
How to apply perfume correctly?

The best time to apply the perfume is after a shower or bath, as the pores are open and the aroma penetrates better. In addition, it is recommended to spray it on pulse points such as wrists, neck and behind the knees, since the aroma lasts longer. Of course, the only thing you have to avoid is rubbing it on your skin when you put it on, as the intensity of the smell decreases.


Tricks to make perfume last longer

Put a cream or Vaseline before the perfume on the pulse points. If you have a body lotion with the same scent as your fragrance, even better.
Apply it to clothing, especially porous items like scarves or coats.
Use a perfume for your hair so that the aroma lasts there too.
Substitute your traditional perfume for a solid one, since it has a greater adherence to the skin.

how to store perfumes
how to store perfumes

How to store your perfumes?

The best way to extend the life of your perfume without losing its characteristic smell and intensity is by taking care before and after using it. It is important to store it in a cool, dry place without direct light, such as in a closet or a special drawer in your dresser, and remove them from the bathroom and windows, since steam and sun alter the formula and this makes them lose their properties.

Also, after applying it, it is highly recommended to close it well to prevent bacteria from entering the bottle and destabilizing its composition.

Other types of perfumes

The most common types of perfumes are liquid and solid. The liquids are the ones we talked about earlier, which are contained in bottles with an atomizer that allow them to be gently sprayed on the skin, while the solids come in a balm or stick presentation, and are made with essential oils and waxes that not only they moisturize the skin, they also prolong its fixation.

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By not requiring bottles or packaging, they are considered a highly effective sustainable option for those who love to smell good for a long time, without having to finish their favorite perfume and contaminate.

Now that you have a complete guide on what perfumes are , their artistic preparation, use and buying tips, you are ready to find the right one and give it the place it deserves in your life!