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Caffeine hair growth serums

5 advantages of having Caffeine hair growth serums in your hair regrowth protocol!

Hair loss is a common concern for both men and women. Many seek practical solutions to battle hair thinning and promote healthy hair growth....
Beauty hair and skin care

Beauty hair and skin care without makeup: only oil

In her book The Art of Living Simply, French Dominic Loro, who has been living in Japan for 20 years, talks about how simplicity...
Facial masks to remove pimples

5 facial masks to remove pimples

5 facial masks to remove pimples Facial masks to remove Before exfoliating the skin with homemade mixtures, it is best to consult with the dermatologist,...
How to Apply Eye Creams

How to Apply Eye Creams Properly

Everyone uses eye creams differently. Even though every eye cream comes with instructions for application, yet we always love to apply the cream the...
Cotton balls uses

Different ways to use cotton balls in today’s life

Cotton balls are often found in supermarkets. It is used by many people to remove makeup and other things. But, these can also be...
Benefits of Multani Mitti for face

Benefits of Multani Mitti for Face and Hair

While looking up the benefits of Multani mitti, I was reminded of my early years at home and the times I would glare at...
Get rid of Tan

Get Rid of Tan in Summer by these Beauty tips

Turn in the sun for a while to get a tan on the skin. It is impossible to say how much tan will accumulate...
Perfumes for college girls

10 Best Perfumes specially for college girls

Are you a college girl Looking for Perfumes for a Perfect Perfume for Low Cost? Let us know. That is why we are looking...
online bullying

9 ways to protect yourself against online bullying

To prevent online harassment it is important to educate in the proper use of the internet. Some simple measures help stop this social problem. Aims...

makeO: Revolutionizing the way Indians Smile and Glow

MakeO is a revolutionary new platform that is quickly gaining popularity in India as a way for people to get access to high-quality, affordable...

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