mehndi designs

Mehndi .. not just for the bride but also for the fine art. That is why you should choose the best designs for the wedding. Are you working on the same thing now? However, we are bringing you some mehndi designs. This is the most popular design live in 2018. Look at them.

Wedding mehndi designs


1. More, less than ..

Bridal mehndi

Look at this design .. Mehndi laid out where the design looks beautiful. Leave blank where not needed. Looks pretty cool though.

2. Simple .. as grand ..

This design is a great choice for brides looking for a grand look design that looks simple. Perfect!

3. To be filled ..

Simple mehndi designs

On the day of the wedding, there is another thing that everyone should definitely look for in addition to the clothes and jewelry worn by the bride. To the same bride’s hand henna. That’s why everybody wants to be a mehndi-filled bridesmaid. If you like this ..

4. Let love go ..

Brides want to express how much love they have for the person they will live with. That love is Mehndi design ..? Thinking is super .. This design is great though.

5. Flowers of flowers ..

Bridal mehndi designs

As a bridesmaid .. dressed in a lehenga, a sari, but mostly with flowers and couture designs. Mehndi is also good for wedding outfit.

6. Beautifully in Classic Look ..

Classic mehndi designs

The bride-to-be mehndi design in the traditional attire is the same way .. Check out this design laid out in Kolkata. It also gives you a classic look.

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