Vitamin c benefits

There is a need to develop immunity to fight the corona virus. Vitamin C is very useful for this.

Corona virus in the background, now everyone is talking about immunity. And where does that immunity come from? Many people do not know what kind of foods to take. In this background, everyone should know about Vitamin C.

Vitamin c may not reduce colds and fever. But they can only prevent it from coming. If you are in the habit of taking foods containing Vitamin-See from scratch .. What’s more, this vitamin has many health benefits. Apart from being a protective shield for the immune system, it also helps prevent eye problems, such as aging of the skin at an early age.

Vitamin c foods


Vitamin C – in the following ingredients:

‘Vitamin C’ is high in fresh fruits and vegetables. If you take it regularly, Nutritionists suggest that the body’s immunity is increased. Not just Vitamin C, but also A, E and B Vitamins are said to be your own in full health. Zinc, chromium and calcium are said to provide the body with the necessary nutrients.

Vitamin c for health

Benefits of Vitamin C are:

1. Cold:

Benefits of vitamin c

Vitamin C may reduce the risk of colds in regular people. When you have a well-seasoned tea, mix it with lemon or honey. It is very good to take citrus, lemon, papaya, papaya, tomato, cabbage and broccoli.

2.Skin wrinkles or aging problems in adulthood:

Vitamin c for skin

Many young people develop skin wrinkles and appear to be aging shades. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reveals that people who eat foods rich in vitamin C should be consulted.

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Vitamin c also known as Ascorbic acid,  It enriches all the tissues in the body. Corrects damaged tissue. It is involved in many functions of the body. Collagen formation, iron extraction, wound healing, cartilage, bones and hips contribute to strengthening. ‘Vitamin-C’ provides antioxidants to the body.