Precautions for leather items in rainy season

Leather bags, leather jackets, and leather shoes. The original hesitation to spend anything for them. We take great care when using them. However, if the rainy season is not taken care of, they can get damaged. Very expensive leather goods .. It is not known at what time of the rainy season. So take some precautions to prevent them from getting damaged.


Should be polished

If you want to wear a leather jacket and leather shoes or carry a leather bag with you, it is a good idea to polish it. For this you need to use vegetable oil or wax polish. This makes the leather bag look shiny. Also, the rain water does not stay on the bag. So the leather bag is not damaged.

Oil for leather protection


Leather items should be dried as soon as possible when wet. Otherwise the fungus will grow and become damaged. Dry the top of the bag is not enough. The inside should also be looked at without getting wet. So the newspapers cook inside the bag. If the bag is placed under the fan, the inside will be completely dry.

Leather safety in rainy season

Without dust

During the rainy season the humidity percentage in the air is high. The things we use seem to be a little too good. If the damp is covered with dust and dirt .. Leather bags are less likely to damage. So take the leather and go out anytime in the rainy season. Don’t forget to clean it after returning home. If it is raining or not, you should wipe the bag with a soft brush or cloth.

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Away from hot objects

Leather bag .. Leather shoe or leather jacket should not dry in the sun. Doing so will completely ruin the bag. Not in the sun, using a heater, blowdryer or iron box .. Do not dry leather goods. These make the leather alive. And the bag is durable.

Moisturize ..

How to moisturize our skin .. Leather bag also needs to be moisturized. Buy a Leather Cream or Leather Wax that contains Natural Oils for this. Apply this as a thin layer of leather-made material. It glows the bag and makes sure the leather isn’t damaged. However there are many types of leather polishes or leather creams on the market. They make the leather look shiny. But they have no use for leather. So it is best to use only natural oils.

In order to store leather goods .. Some things to remember

Leather items should be wrapped in a clean, dry cloth.

Leather items should not be kept in rooms where air conditioning and heater are present. These can damage their naturalness.

In order to avoid the natural luster of leather goods, a good leather cream or leather wax should be applied.

If you do not use the leather bag every day, you should store it in a cloth bag. This will keep the dust and moisture out of the bag.

Try to use leather goods more often. Because these are pretty much the same as what we use.