Bring a good look by designer blouse

The wedding season is on. Wherever you look, bridal bhajans, tattooed eyes, eyelashes. But no matter how beautiful the silk saree or silk sarongi looks like, if you don’t wear a blouse that enhances its beauty, it looks like something is lacking. And if you want to add a beautiful blouse to an attractive silk saree to make it shine more beautiful, However, this article is for you .. Bookmark this page. Whenever you want a blouse design, you just have to check once what’s on set .. Beautiful blouse designs can impress everyone.


Why is silk so special?

Bring a new look

The silk is very special in all the handlooms. The silk worms are fed with mulberry leaves and after they are turned into cocoons, they are made of silk threads and woven into them. Popular types include silk, silk, silk, textile silk, vasundhara silk, salt silk and Ikkat silk. These variations vary in the texture and design.

Blouse designs

Did You Know? The hands and back designs of the blouse make the blouse look special. It can also make your saree look great. These types of blouse designs are not just for simple saris. And if you can choose any blouse designs to give your silk sarees a unique statement ..

1. Strappy Blouse

Your blouse should not be simple and boring. A blouse design gives you a bold statement look. This type of blouse design is new to functions such as engagement and reception.

2. Matka Blouse with Dory

Designer blouse

Placing necklaces of different designs behind the blouse has become commonplace. Most of the design is popular. The style is to come closer to the top of the pot as the bottom comes up wide. The design is so beautiful that Dory can be placed on top of it. You can also get a triangular blouse neck.

3. Off Shoulder Blouse

look gorgeous with designer blouse

Does your collar bone look great? You can however choose a nice off-shoulder blouse. Not only does this make your neckline look great, but your hands also look great. If you feel like you have sleeves, you can stitch them off the sides.

4. Sheer with embroidery blouse

Designer blouses for celebrations

The blouse must be full .. But you want a new look .. Do you want this? However, use silk cloth and shear cloth to sew the blouse. Embroidered on the sheer cloth on the back of the blouse, you can own a unique blouse design without looking too skinny.

5. Peplum Blouse

Beautiful blouse designs

Peplum type blouses can be worn if ordinary blouses are common. Peplums can match not only jeans and Patiala .. but also saree. The center slit peplum in particular is a great match on sarees.

6. Sleeves with different hem line

Designer blouses

Wearing a blouse is not for everyone. But if you want to add beauty to it, you have to bring the beauty in the Detail. For this, sleeves sewn in a pretty asymmetrical style bring a new look to the blouse.

7. Embedded neck line

Get gorgeous look by designer blouse

The blouse neck design is beautiful and has a stunning design around the neck that makes it look great even without the original jewelry. It provides a heavy look while keeping your look very simple.

8. Cape

Pretty assymetric style blouse

Want to make your saree look special? Wear a casual blouse instead of the usual blouse. Or pair your casual blouse with a sheer cloth. However, a backless design blouse is essential.

9. With Two Dory Tazles ..

Pretty stylish blouses

Never mind that the blouse is back. Backlessness is a great option for those who prefer it. Even if it sounds too classy. For this purpose, the blouse should be placed just above and below the two stitches. The design looks great if the crotch is set up with the help of dories without the front hooks. Don’t forget these dories use fine tassels.

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10. Crop Top Blouse

Stylish crop top blouse

Crop Top Blouse is now a new fashion .. Cropped top to look blouse gives you Indo Western look. High-neck, long sleeves are great for those who are slightly fat. The blouse is heavy if the whole work is done. Simply choose hands or neckline embroidery if you want to be simple.

11. V Neck

Pretty V neck blouses

V Shape Blouse on one side Cloth on the other hand, V Shape Blouse is great for every shade.

12. Pot Neck Blouse

Lovely pot neck


Many people love the Pot Neck Blouse. Underneath you look like a neck and then up again it becomes narrower and widens again. This blouse design, which looks like a jar, is for everyone. A dory can also be arranged in a thin section if desired.

13. Key Hole Neck

Mdern blouses for party wear


The keyhole blouse was previously in fashion. Now it’s back to trending. You can opt for it for a unique look without having your skin visible. As part of this, a thin slit is installed on the back of the high neck blouse. This will give your traditional blouse a modern twist.

14. Round Neck Blouse

Mdern round neck blouse

Round or You Neck Most people know about wearing their blouses regularly. But when you wear the Deep You Neck Back design you look great. Hooks or buttons can be arranged to make it look smaller underneath. Good Dory can also be bundled if desired.

15. Cold Shoulder Blouse

Designers blouse for Mehndi function

Cold shoulder blouses are now commonplace. You can try this style that most people use. If you want to show amazing hands .. If you are hesitant to wear sleeve lek It works well for functions like Sangeet, Mehendi and Reception.

16. Boat Neck Blouse

Trendy designer blouses

It is no exaggeration to give the other blouse as much beauty as you give the boat neck short sleeves to your blouse. This is a great option to give your blouse a modern touch. Not wedding ceremonies .. It also works well for cocktail parties.

17. Sweet Heart Neck Line

Sweet Heart Neck .. It looks great to look at .. A blouse with a similar neck to your wedding is a good choice. Makes your neck look thinner.

18. Jacket Blouse

Wedding collection blouses

Do you feel your stomach and waist should not be visible when the saree is tied? Jacket blouses are a good choice for you, however. These are very popular .. comfortable to wear and pretty. If you want to work without worrying about your saree, it is better to choose a style like this.

19. Matka Blouse

Matka designer modern blouse

Most people like this type of blouse style. The old style is again trending in the meantime. Makes your bust line look a little bigger. So those who think the chest is too small, may try something like this.

20. Strap Blouse

Look beautiful in sleeveless

If you are looking very beautiful and sleeveless, try wearing a sexy strap blouse. You can also wear a short cape along with this blouse to show off your slender, toned hands.

21. Back up button

Look unique with modern blouses

Usually the front of the blouses have hooks. When the saree is worn they are covered. But on the contrary, the buttons on the back make it easy for everyone to create unique designs with big buttons, instead of the usual fashion hooks.

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22. Hut Shape Back

Fashionable hut shape back neck

Different designs in the back are now fashionable. The most important of such designs is the hut design. This design looks very creative with basic details. You can make modifications to this basic design as you like. Not much skin is visible. Not like saree rear buttons or hooks .. Sarees in the back design with a nice selfie tie dory along with a whole sleeve bead and thread in fringe style .. Beautiful blouse design will be your own. Put on the reverse pallu and make the back visible. This blouse looks great.

23.Fringe Back

Trendy back neck styles

Not like saree rear buttons or hooks .. Sarees in the back design with a nice selfie tie dory along with a whole sleeve bead and thread in fringe style .. Beautiful blouse design will be your own. Put on the reverse pallu and make the back visible. This blouse looks great.

24. Leafy trim

Look special in wedding by designer blouse

Everyone wants to look special during the celebrations like the reception and Sangeet. But not everyone can wear bold neck and back styles. Like this they can be compassionate with designs. Asymmetrically hemmed hands in the shape of leaves, your blouse sews with the back neck design .. You look special.

25. Jolly Blouse

Wear trendy designer blouse

If you want your back design to be creative, stick with it a little bit like Jolly. Special cloth is available outside for this purpose. There are holes in the middle and it looks pretty. It should fit right in the back of the sari blouse. Cute Back will be your own.

26.Bruch Back Blouse

Look modern in these blouse

Our blouseback design is supposed to be beautiful. For this purpose a good embalmed brooch should be established. Deep neck design and lace underneath this brooch. It works very well for georgette and embroidery sarees.

27. Round with Bow

Saturn bow is impressive

If your saree is over-embroidered, you may prefer to wear a special blouse. In this case, cut the blouse up to the top and place a rounded shaft in the center. The satin ribbon with the enlarged shape on the back and the satin bow is impressive.

28.Chris Cross Straps

Latest blouse design to look unique

You have to choose the latest blouse design to make a unique look your own. For this you can choose a blouse with Chris Cross Straps. When wearing it, wear a backless bra. Also make sure that the blouse is not too deep before cutting.

29.Mesh Back

Beautiful blouse designs

If you want your blouse back to cover but look trendy, try a mesh back. Contemporary look will make your own because of stitching the design like a mesh behind the blouse. Give it a try for the most amazing look.

30.Arch Cutout

Modern blouses

This is especially for those who want the back of the blouse to look special. Cutting in the rear arch shape looks amazing to see if the dorks are in the middle. The classy twist is simple to look at but very new.

31. Backless with Bow

Modern backless with bow

If you have a desire to wear a backless blouse, wear a backless blouse and tie it with a dory or ribbon bow. This blouse shows off your sexy back beautifully.

32. Floral Tassels

Look stylish by floral tassels

A good style for tassels blouses .. Such tassels can be used not only for blouses but also for hands. A nice stylish look will be your own. It can be worn for functions such as engagement and music.

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33. High Neck Back Blouse

Trendy high neck blouse

If you don’t like wearing a collar blouse, you can try a high neck blouse. The design of the front side is similar to that of wearing such a blouse while wearing a jeweler or a short chain.

34. Racer Back

Racerback blouse

Usually we go to workout wearing a razor back bra .. such as sleeveless racer back blouse is very beautiful. A simple or plain blouse with a heavy top can be worn with this design to make it look very shiny.

35. Halter Neck

Try designer halter neck

If you like backless blouse designs, try Halter Neck. This type of blouse that comes with hooks on the back of the neck is only covered underneath. So it seems to be a backless law but also a traditional one.

36. Tear Drop

Highlight with tear drop blouse

If your blouse has a special design but you want it to look beautiful, wear a back design with a tear drop design. Both Western and Indian look your own.

37.Chris Cross Dories

Get gorgeous look by designer blouse

If you want to design with the Dories on the back of the blouse you wear it is tied under Chris Cross and the Dory looks beautiful. Even though this blouse design is outdated .. it is special without having to cover the entire back.

38. Square Cutout

Blouse Back Design To look delicate, the design that cuts across the entire sneaker shape of the back rather than just the regular back design looks great. It is set to your satin and georgette sarees.

39. You Neck with Dory

No matter how many new styles come in. Blouse Hands cannot compete with fine round or u neck, elbows. This blouse is so beautiful that even a little dory can be found ..

40. Collar Neck

Many people think that the High Collar Neck is not for everyone. But it also provides a royal look to your sari. You can also try full sleeves if you want to. These are a great choice for winter weddings for functions such as reception.

Loom Work Embroidery Blouse Design

The embroidery on the loom and the blouse stitching on the fabric makes it look very heavy. You can choose this if your saree is simple. It looks great in weddings and functions. Part of this is the heavy embroidery and some of the beads together with the designs.

Just hands-on design

This includes hands-on daydreaming on hands. This will make your hands look great. Looks pretty and turns your focus away from the rest of the hand.

Design behind the blouse

If you want the blouse design to be very heavy .. heavy embroidered blouse stitches. It makes you special to look great in everyone. All you have to do is choose a blouse with a stunning back design. Bridesmaids can choose a blouse like this is very beautiful.

Blouse design with beads

Look fashionable in designer blouse

Want to have a very heavy design on your blouse? The design looks great with the beads on the silk blouse. You can also stitch simple with beads.

Neck with handles, hand design

Casual design is one of the most popular designs in recent times. It became common to stitch around the neck and even to the arms.