trendy graphic eyeliner
trendy graphic eyeliner


trendy graphic eyeliner

As we already told you, the “eyeliner” is one of the protagonists of makeup this season. We have seen it on the most important red carpets in the world and also on the most prestigious international catwalks. He now he has reached the street and it is time to put it into practice. But not just any outline, but one with a geometric air and lines worthy of an artist. He is the graphic eyeliner.

At the 2019 Goya Awards we saw the actress Carolina Yester collect her award with one of these eye-catching eyeliners. And at the Oscars it was a young Elsie Fisher who dared with this makeup trend. Now just take a look at social networks to get some inspiration to find the graphic eyeliner that best suits your style. Dare yourself!

graphic liner


Groundbreaking, but above all, flattering. So is this subtle , yet effective graphic outline. Because it is enough to draw the external “V” with the “eyeliner” to wear a different eye makeup that defines well and embellishes the look.

 effective graphic outline
effective graphic outline

By now you may have realized that 60s-inspired makeup is a trend. From the Twiggy style lashes to the «cut crease» through the use of all kinds of pastel eyeshadows.

Precisely the eyeliner of the banana (the crease of the upper eyelid) is one of the options to show off a trending graphic eyeliner. And for a more sixties look, you just have to color the eyelid with some pastel eyeshadow (blue, green, yellow, etc.).

You can do it with either a black or colored eyeliner and the idea is to combine the eyeliner on the lash line with the eyeliner on the crease, to achieve a very plastic effect.

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colored eyeliner

It is no longer an excuse not to have colored eyeliners. Although many brands sell them, they are not necessary to get a full color graphic eyeliner. Just an eyeliner brush and some vibrant shadow to get it. In fact, you can play with shadows in a gloss or matte finish to achieve different effects.

From there, you can play with all kinds of designs , from the simplest to the most creative. You can even combine various colors and finishes.

And don’t forget the white outlines , which are also a trend today and don’t require a great design to make an impact.


For those who want to integrate this trend into their day to day life or those who simply prefer to opt for more sober looks , the best are the minimalist eyeliner designs, which with just a fine line allow you to build a groundbreaking makeup.

This “just a line” graphic eyeliner style doesn’t need eyeshadow accompaniment. A good mask and a lipstick that attracts attention are enough to complete the makeup in a very flattering way. Thus, you can take advantage of this type of outline to show off your most provocative lipsticks.

graphic cat eye

This type of “eyeliner” means taking the trend of feline eyeliner one step further. The result is a ripped and impressive look, perfect for big occasions.

This is how Paula Echevarría wore this style of graphic eyeliner at a recent event: with a touch of glitter on the eyelid and in the same shade of blue as her dress.

Imitate it with an “eyeliner” with a shiny finish for a more glamorous effect…

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But we can also resort to another version of the cat’s eye with a very graphic line: the double cat’s eye. As you will see, it is achieved by duplicating the corner of the eye and creating a kind of “V” with both strokes, in this case very geometric.

You can achieve it by outlining in a classic way or, as in the image, doing it on the crease line and the lower lash line.