Skincare for sweaty babes
Skincare for sweaty babes

A few weeks ago, I posted this Instagram of my new five skincare products: FRÉ Skincare. And since then, I’ve had several of you ask me about the skincare line and why I love it so much. So I figured I’d give you the down low on FRÉ.

First off, it’s SWEAT PROOF. Yes. I said it and I’m not lying. My literal least favorite thing is when I when I go through my whole skincare regimen–cleanse, toner, serum, moisturize–and then freaking sweat it all off. Then you’re left feeling slimy, sticky, and shiny. Worst combo. But FRÉ is specifically designed for women who sweat. My skin is never greasy after a workout, better yet it feels smooth and moisturized.

Something I didn’t realize until I started using FRÉ is how damaging sweat actually is to your skin. Who knew?!


Here are the 6 ways sweat can damage your skin:

  • Photo-sensitivity to UV sun rays, intensifying sun damage and premature aging are worsened by sweat.
  • High-impact workout and intense sweating cause anti-oxidative stress, fostering collagen degeneration, elasticity and firmness loss.
  • Dehydrates skin causing over-dryness.
  • Pimples, blackheads and blotches from pore clogging.
  • Delicate PH balance disruption causes irritation, redness, itching and blotchiness.
    Key minerals and vitamins are lost.

So came up with a 3 step skin regimen to help combat the horrors of sweat that reek havoc on your skin.


So this was a new twist for me in skincare. I had never thought to moisturize before my workout, leaving the rest of my skincare regimen for after my sweat. But FRÉ switched up the order on me. So the first step here is PROTECT ME, which is a super light SPF 30 moisturizer that is formulated or sweaty skin. Meaning, it’s MADE to sweat in.

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PROTECT ME essentially simplifies you pre-workout skincare regimen by giving you an all-in-one product. It shields, protects, moisturizes, and replenishes simultaneously! It even protects against air pollution. And since I live in LA (aka the SMOG capital of the world), this is a major plus for me.


The next step is to cleanse the skin after your workout. Depending on if I’m in a time crunch or not, I normally use a cleansing towelette to wipe off all the sweat and move on with my day. But once I started using PURIFY ME, the difference is too real that it’s hard no to use it every day!

The cleanser is derived from the desert plants Argan and Jojoba, which help nourish and replenish your skin post workout. And it’s a GENTLE exfoliator…major key. My skin guru client recently taught me the importance of gentle exfoliation on the face. In fact, your facial skin is so sensitive and delicate, that certain cleansers with “sharper” exfoliants can actually cut your face. This leaves your skin vulnerable to bacteria and infection, which will obviously worsen your skin rather than improve it.

I actually experienced this first hand when using a different exfoliating cleanser. It cut my face and I was bleeding for hours! Not ideal. So PURIFY ME uses round jojoba beads as exfoliation, which is extremely gentle.


This serum is honestly my favorite part of the whole skincare regimen. It feels sooooo good on my skin! You know how after a workout your face can be super red and puffy? Yeah, well it happens to me every single time I sweat. I mean, I can totally deal with it. Definitely not the end of the world. But if there’s something that can help get rid of my post-workout redness, I’m all for it!

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So REVIVE ME helps combat exercise-induced stress on the skin. It’s enriched with argon stem cells (which I didn’t even know was a THING) that help replenish moisture and resilience in your skin. It goes on so smooth too! I like to give myself a little facial massage until the product is fully absorbed into my skin.

All in all, I’m a huge fan (in case you couldn’t tell already). FRÉ Skincare simplifies what could be an 8 step skincare regimen down to only 3!

And what’s better?! I’m giving away ONE FULL SET of the FRÉ Skincare regimen. All you have to do to enter is follow me on Instagram, like my latest picture about FRÉ, and comment your favorite way to sweat! Bonus entry if you tag another fit babe in the comments! The giveaway will end on Saturday September 16th at 11:59pm and I will announce the winner on Sunday after 12pm.

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