Perm Curls
Perm Curls

As far as hair is concerned, very few women are satisfied with their natural texture, especially if it is straight. Fortunately, for this type of hair there are permanent curls.

Straight, flat hair is frustrating, because the texture doesn’t allow you to experiment with different hairstyles. This is because this hair has no dimension, no fullness.

Below, we present different types of curls to encourage you to do a perm. That is, stop suffering with your flat hair, and without body creating curls.


The best permanent curls of the moment:

80’s Perm Curls

Perming is the process of curling hair with a chemical ingredient called ammonium thioglycolate. First of all, the perm rods are placed all over the hair.

Second, the chemical is applied, and then a neutralizing product to wave the hair. This phenomenon happens through an oxidation process, which alters the natural composition of the hair.

The result is a perfect curl from roots to ends. Depending on the type of curl you want to have, the stylist will tailor the amount of chemicals added.

S-shaped spirals

One of the season’s perm curl innovations are these thick S-shaped curls. This type of curl is perfect for women with thick hair.

After having subjected the hair through the chemical process, you will notice a change in its texture. That is, the strands will feel a bit dry.

It is necessary to inject them with moisture through a fully moisturizing mask. Our recommended product is Nexus Keraphix Masque For Damaged Hair .

Enriched with keratin and black rice, this mask applies the revolutionary protein fusion technology to repair damaged hair.

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After a couple of uses you will notice the difference in your texture, and you can finally enjoy healthy and hydrated curls.

Shallow Perm Curls

Another of the styles that are fashionable are the superficial curls, which are made only in the first layer of the hair. As you can see, the style mixes curls with straight parts.

This type of curl is perfect for women who don’t want a full process, but just a little bit of texture. The beauty of this perm is that it is less invasive than the traditional one.

curly tips

Following the line of concentrated permanent curls, we bring you the effect only at the ends. This style is ideal for women with long, straight hair.

The stylist will apply the same chemicals mentioned, but only from mid-lengths to ends. The beauty of this style is that it will let you enjoy both hair textures.

The other product you need to revitalize your hair is a leave-in conditioner. We recommend Love, Beauty and Planet Argon Oil & Lavender Leave-In Smoothie Cream .

Enriched with argon oil, this styling cream leaves hair moisturized and repels frizz. Simply apply the product to the ends to remedy the damage.

tiny curls

Finally, we bring you the tiny curls, which are ideal for adding volume to flat hair. The stylist will create more curl by placing many rods in the hair.

The trick is to take super thin strands of hair, so that the curls are well defined. The result is hair with dimension and natural volume.

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