4 signs of the body
4 signs of the body

The appearance of our nails, skin or urine are some of the body’s signals that alert us to a problem in our health. Don’t ignore them.

The observation of symptoms is one of the ways that exist for the diagnosis of some diseases. Thanks to these signs, doctors can rule out some pathologies and hypothesize about the suffering of others, which they corroborate through diagnostic tests.

Thus, self- diagnosis can be the first step to detect abnormalities in our body. It consists of looking for all kinds of alterations or signs of the body that make us suspect that something is wrong. But it should not be used systematically, since it is always convenient to go to the doctor so that he or she can make the diagnosis, since he or she has the necessary knowledge to do so.

4 signs of the body that indicate that something is not right The urine of a healthy person should have a light yellow color and a particular odor that is not strong.

Color: thanks to its color it is possible to detect the degree of hydration of the body. Light colored urine means that the body is well hydrated and in its normal state. For its part, the dark color is an indicator of dehydration or malfunction of the kidney, responsible for eliminating harmful substances from the body through urine.
frequency in urination : urinating too often can be a symptom of certain pathologies .
Smell: A strong urine odor can also be an indication that something is not quite right. If this odor is added to the dark color and the frequent desire to urinate, it is best to consult a doctor immediately.
Blood in the urine: Bleeding in the urine is a common symptom of a urinary disease , among others. The most common case is that which indicates kidney stones.
According to research, through the color or smell of urine it is possible to detect that something is happening in our body. Therefore, we must pay attention to it before it becomes a problem.

Lost the sudden weight gain

Weight loss and weight gain is an up and down that many people are on frequently. It usually depends on the type of diet and lifestyle of each person.

However, a sudden weight gain or loss is something that should not be ignored for any reason, as it is a clear sign that something serious may be going on. For example, a depressive disorder, as indicated by the studies .

When a person suddenly gains a significant amount of kilos, this may be indicating that they have imbalances in the thyroid gland , fluid retention, heart or kidney problems, or pregnancy.

skin changes

The skin is our most extensive tissue and also the one that is most exposed to factors that can alter it. It is important to review it frequently.

Through it, many of the health problems or disorders that we have internally are reflected.

If when checking the skin you notice changes in color, the appearance of moles or spots, severe acne problems or other alterations, it is best to consult a dermatologist to receive an accurate diagnosis and prevent serious diseases such as acne. skin cancer.

Changes in the nails

Changes or alterations in the nails can be a symptom of different types of diseases . Nails are part of our personal image, but they are also a window to detect problems in our body.

Pale nails:

If they lose their shine and begin to look pale, they may be warning of a problem of anemia and a lack of red blood cells. In this case, it is good to see a doctor and improve your diet by eating foods rich in iron.
Cracked and brittle nails: Cracked and brittle nails can indicate thyroid problems.
Thickened and yellowish nails: These types of nails are indicating the presence of fungi , which can spread throughout the surface of the nail.

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