A Biography of Kelly LeBrock

A Biography of Kelly LeBrock notes that she is an actress and American model. Remembered as a cover model and for her roles in the films La mujer de rojo ( 1984 ) and La mujer explosiva ( 1985 ). As an actress, she enjoyed great popularity in the 1980s for her leading roles in both comedies .


Biography of Kelly LeBrock

He was born in New York and raised in London . At the age of 16, she began her modeling career, and appeared on numerous magazine covers . It became one of the most requested models of the Eileen Ford agency.

She married producer and restaurateur Victor Drai in 1984. The same year she made her first film , produced by her husband, The Woman in Red (1984), and the following year she starred in The Explosive Woman (1985).

In the same year, she received the ShoWest Convention award – an award from a distribution and exhibition chain – for Best Promising Actress . She divorced VĂ­ctor Drai in 1986.

Actress Kelly LeBrock

Actress Kelly LeBrock earlier life and acting credits

Actress Kelly LeBrock would include such legendary names as Olive Films, MGM, Twentieth Century and Disney, all of which found their way into our popular culture thanks to her role in the animated hit, Finding Nemo.

LeBrock’s other notable films include playing opposite Dabney Coleman in the musical, Grease, as well as playing a role in the movie, Awakenings.

She also has a number of credited acting appearances, most notably appearing in the films The Perfect Score such as:

Saturday Night Fever

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Come On

Eat My Shoes

Paper Moon.

Kelly LeBrock a true eighties sex symbol

Kelly LeBrock became a true eighties sex symbol (with permission from Kim Basinger) thanks to her unforgettable role in The Woman in Red (1984), directed by and co-starring comedian Gene Wilder. Her spectacular debut on the big screen and she was set to become a Hollywood star, but a few years later we lost her track and she practically disappeared from the movie map.

Kelly LeBrock films

Acting career

In 1987 she married Steven Seagal , an expert in martial arts and actor – whom she met when he was her bodyguard -, with whom she had 3 children: Annaliza (b.1987), Dominick (b.1990) and Arissa (b.193) ). In terms of acting, LeBrock has appeared in a number of movies and shows, ranging from small roles to more substantial roles.

she was partially retired due to the upbringing of her children, although she participated in several films, in supporting roles.

Kelly LeBrock Films

In the 1990s she starred in six films, including the action movie Hard to Kill (1990), with her husband Steven Seagal. He divorced Seagal in 1996 .

In the 2000s he acted some supporting roles, and the main role in the movie The Mirror ( 2007 ). He also appeared in nine chapters on the British TV reality series Hell’s Kitchen .

Some of her most memorable characters include Miss Piggy in the Disney film, The Nightmare Before Christmas, King Kong in the Godzilla movie.

A Biography of Kelly LeBrock acting credits and TV shows

In terms of acting, Kelly LeBrock’s earlier life and acting credits also included work on television shows that would become memorable features of television history. Among those would be the cast of The X-Files, The Sopranos, Smallville, and The OC.

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She is one of the mainstay on television in the decades-long running soap opera The Waltons, It would be canceled after one season due to the ratings.

In addition, LeBrock also appeared on Broadway in several plays such as Estelle Gann

Kelly LeBrock Guest roles

Everybody Loves Raymond, Guys from Low Places, and Everybody Loves Having Kids.

A Biography of Kelly LeBrock Success

As an actress, Kelly LeBrock has achieved much success. However some of her early life and acting credits would include projects with roles that are relatively obscure in today’s industry.

Her role as “Daphne” in the television sitcom, Cheers, would only result in one episode, and even then, the character was barely seen by viewers.

Today, she is known for playing the character of Rhonda Britten in the movie version of the TV show, Friends. It was through her role as Rhonda that many of the antics of the characters from the TV series were rooted.