How to improve semen quality
How to improve semen quality

Man’s health problems are very often the reason why a woman cannot get pregnant. How to improve sperm quality and prepare for conceiving a healthy baby?

Most men are firmly convinced that their ability to become a father depends on one factor – potency. Therefore, unfortunately, today, future fathers are much less prepared to conceive a child than future mothers. Usually, a woman takes over all medical duties and runs between specialist offices and the clues for analysis.

A man often remains on the sidelines, sincerely believing that his “warriors” will overcome all obstacles. However, this approach is fundamentally wrong. How to improve semen quality. Simple tips.

In about 40% of cases, long-term disability to become pregnant and repeated miscarriages are associated with problems in the male reproductive system. Therefore, basic information on what influences male fertility is essential for any man who decides to become a father.

As everyone knows, fertilizing a female egg requires a motile and well-built sperm. Hence, a man can effectively hasten the happy moment of conception if he takes care of his sperm at a crucial moment.

In the modern world, too many factors adversely affect sperm growth and maturation (spermatogenesis). Among them are unhealthy diets, bad habits, chronic sleep deprivation, mental and physical stress, and much more. Let’s try to figure out how to reduce their harmful effects on the male body and how to improve sperm quality.


Diseases and threats

Some diseases directly affect the urogenital system and can lead to male impotence or temporary infertility. For example, sexually transmitted diseases can be asymptomatic for many years, gradually reducing the chances of a successful conception. How to improve semen quality. Simple tips.

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In the course of the research, it was found that sperm fragmentation in males infected with chlamydia is 35%, and the same rate in healthy men is on average 11%. Dangerous and unpleasant gonorrhea can cause epididymis-orchitis (damage to the testicle and appendages), which also has a very negative effect on spermatogenesis.

– diabetes; How to improve semen quality. Simple tips.

– hypertension;

– kidney dysfunction;

– kidney stones; How to improve semen quality. Simple tips.

– metabolic disorders;

– endocrine diseases, etc.

In the case of a chronic disease in a man, conception planning should be carried out under the supervision of the attending physician. Depending on the nature of the disease, it may be a cardiologist, endocrinologist, nephrologist, infectious disease specialist, etc.

You can’t even ignore colds and flu. Sperm maturation is negatively affected by overheating of the body, which is observed during fever. Already at 38 ° C, the quality of the sperm decreases and the concentration of abnormal or damaged sperm increases. Several months must pass to fully recover male fertility after a cold, so be careful with your health and try not to get sick.

Watch out for medications! Some of them reduce male fertility.
It is important to take into account the fact that many medications have side effects, leading to a decrease in sperm quality and a deterioration in sperm motility. How to improve semen quality. Simple tips.

– antibiotics (all types);

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– cytostatic (anti-cancer agents);

– glucocorticosteroids; How to improve semen quality. Simple tips.

– opiates and other drugs;

hormonal drugs;

– antihypertensive drugs and even simple headache pills.

Psychoactive substances and drugs are especially dangerous for the reproductive system. For example, the use of marijuana has been shown to reduce sperm concentration in the ejaculate by almost a third.

Male fertility is also compromised by steroid medications, which are often taken by both professional athletes and ordinary men who visit the gym. Steroids directly “beat” the male reproductive system – they lower testosterone levels and androgenic activity, making a person literally unable to conceive.

Yes, muscles can grow faster, but with them increases the risk of erectile dysfunction, anorgasmia, which is even burdened with complete impotence (with long-term use of steroids). Therefore, if you are planning to become a father in the near future and want to improve sperm quality, you should not use steroids. How to improve semen quality. Simple tips.

Interestingly, the oral administration of regular hormones (eg testosterone) does not improve sperm parameters, but on the contrary leads to the so-called “pharmacological castration”. If the body receives large amounts of steroids, it stops producing its own hormones.

How to improve sperm quality by taking vitamins?

If you lead an exceptionally healthy lifestyle, eat a balanced diet, have no bad habits, exercise moderately, breathe fresh air and don’t overwork at work, your reproductive system should work like a clock and your fertility should be at its best. Unfortunately, you see, meeting all these requirements is very difficult in the modern world.

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Taking specialized preparations to prepare for conception allows you to get all the necessary nutrients for men’s health in sufficient doses. After all, even eating extremely healthy foods is almost impossible to extract from the products the amount of micronutrients that is required by the reproductive system.


It is an amino acid that directly influences the maturation of sperm in the testicles. Thanks to L-carnitine, the concentration of sperm in the seminal fluid increases and their mobility improves.


Folic acid is essential for the formation of sperm. With regular intake, it reduces the number of damaged sperm, which naturally increases the proportion of structured sperm.


This natural antioxidant is especially active in the reproductive system. It protects sperm from free radicals and other negative environmental factors. Due to the content of vitamin E, the number of sperm in the ejaculate increases, and their mobility and life expectancy increases.


Without the participation of this trace element, the synthesis of the male hormone testosterone, which actively influences the spermatogenesis process, is impossible.


Increases the number and concentration of sperm, improves libido.

Attentive care for your health, proper nutrition and lifestyle, as well as the use of specialized mixtures of vitamins and minerals, will help the future father to get closer to the long-awaited pregnancy.