Home remedies for dry hair

Dry hair is one of the most common causes of baldness. Hair loss occurs when the hair is unable to retain enough moisture, making it look poor, brittle, and brittle. While not a major health issue, poor quality hair is definitely a concern because it directly affects one’s self-confidence and thereby affects one’s self-esteem, but guess what, it’s also avoidable. Frequent hair washing, excessive sunburn, use of hair styling products, bathing and smoking with chlorinated water all contribute to dryness and damage of the hair.

Here are some easy and affordable methods to make your hair thicker, shiny and manageable. Here are home remedies to treat dry and damaged hair …


1. Butter

On dry hair, add some butter and massage well. Cover the hair with a shower cap for half an hour and then wash it thoroughly with shampoo so that the butter is washed away.

hair oils

2. Using Hair Oils

For dry hair, olive oil is one of the best treatments. Apart from olive oil, coconut, almond and corn oil can also be used for good results. All these oils are rich in vitamin E and antioxidants which restore moisture in the outer layer of the hair. To follow this treatment, heat half a cup of oil but do not boil. Gently massage the oil into your hair and cover with a towel. Leave for 30-40 minutes or overnight. After this, rinse your hair with shampoo. This remedy strengthens the hair and makes it shiny.



3. Fry the yogurt and oil mask

The combination of yogurt and oil is a very effective treatment for your dry hair. To try it, in half a cup of yogurt, add two tablespoons olive oil and six tablespoons of essential oil. Apply this mixture to the shampooed hair. Cover the hair with plastic or shower cap for 15-20 minutes. After that, wash your hair thoroughly with lukewarm water.

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avacado for hair

4. Avocado paste

Avocado is rich in vitamin A and E, minerals and saturated fats. All these nutrients are good for dry hair and make them strong and moisturizing. For this treatment, mash the peeled avocado and mix it with an egg. Apply this mixture on your hair and leave it on for 20 minutes. After that, wash your hair several times.

5. Banana

Bananas are rich in moisture and potassium, which are effective for dry hair. The use of bananas on the hair can improve cleavage ends, hair softening and elasticity. Mash is a ripe banana. On hair, apply from roots to ends. Leave it for an hour and then wash the hair with lukewarm water.

green tea


6. Wash your hair with tea

Not only does it help relieve colds and coughs, tea also brightens your hair. But remember, tea color can also change your hair color. So those with beautiful hair may want to avoid black tea and use chamomile tea instead. Brunettes can use black tea.After shampooing your hair, rinse with teal tea.

7. Add the egg to your shampoo

Take an egg, break it into a bowl and mix with some shampoo. Apply this on your dry hair for five minutes straight and wash it thoroughly. It improves the protein content in your hair.

eggs for hair

8. Egg Mask

Use an egg directly on your dry hair. You can also add half a cup of fat yogurt, one egg and three tablespoons of honey. Apply this mixture on your hair and cover for 15-30 minutes. After that, rinse your hair with shampoo.

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9. Increase the intake of omega-3s and antioxidants in your diet

Protein from Sea Foods makes the hair thick and shiny. Eat salmon, sardines, tuna and oyster to get the omega-3s your hair needs. Adding oxidants to your diet is also good for dry hair. Walnuts, broccoli, tomatoes, blueberries and kidney beans are ideal.


10. Applying Apple Cider Vinegar Mask

Apple cider vinegar is also a very effective treatment for dry hair. Add two teaspoons olive oil and three egg whites to one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. Apply this mixture to the hair. Keep the hair for half an hour and then rinse with shampoo.