beauty in bag

Girls will not compromise on beauty. Whether it is a college going girl or starting a new job, the aunty at home is constantly updating the beauty. Their stuff at home is okay. It is advisable to take some care and follow some tips on their beauty. It is useful for girls and college-going men to carry the right kind of makeup products in their carry-on bag.

From dry shampoo to oily cure products, from face oily to a refreshing face mist, every girl should keep essential beauty products in her bag. Here’s a list of 6 beauty products you should carry in your bag:

body cream


Cc cream

This Lakme CC Cream is the cheapest and will always be a skin protector! It works like magic when your face looks dull and lifeless. CC Cream helps to keep the skin moisturized, radiant and without reducing the skin tone. What more do you want?



Kohl can instantly turn your eyes pretty. The plum is a Cole Waterproof, smudge-proof and gives the color to your peacocks in just one swipe. It can also be used as a normal coil and eyeliner.

Dry Shampoo

Do you have a Bad Hair Day today? With this BBLUNT Dry Shampoo, you will never regain the messy and dormant hair. This spray absorbs most of the oil in the head without watering the head and using water. So carry this bottle with you easily to get fresh and heavy hair back in a moment.

redpink lipstick

Red / pink lipstick

Depending on your skin tone, you can choose the lip color that looks best on you. This Maybelline Creamy Matte Lip Color will brighten your face instantly. Bonus: Red lipstick can act as a color-corrector for black lips, while pink lipstick works as a blush.

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Lip Balm

If you don’t want your face to look ‘too makeup’, opt for this light colored lip balm. This Nivea Fruity Lip Balm provides enough moisture for the lips. And it gives your lips a soft lip color.

A Face Mist

This Kama Ayurvedic Face Mist will refresh and hydrate your skin throughout the day. It also acts as a natural astringent that instantly calms angry skin.