Pedicure at home

Fracture of the feet is not only inevitable .. it is also a sign of illness. We say that we are not following a healthy lifestyle. This is why you need to set aside time for skin care and foot care.

Cracked feet are one of the problems that many people face. Walking with this issue can be a serious embarrassment. Many people care about skin health. But, the foot doesn’t care. If the feet are taken care of by the body, they can crack and sometimes become an infection. Regardless of the period, the foot may crack. Hot water, excessive scrub, and sandals can cause the feet to crack. Damage to the feet can be difficult to walk. And look pretty.

There are many causes of foot fractures. Dry skin, excessive walking, barefoot running, running, fungal infections and poor hygiene can also cause foot cracks. But if the broken foot does not take long and does not heal quickly .. it can cause other problems. Some care must be taken to keep the feet soft without cracking. Want to have soft feet? For this reason, the use of products available in the market can cause foot damage. So make a wonderful pedicure at home using ingredients available in the kitchen rather than chemical products for broken feet . Get beautiful, soft feet.

How to do Pedicure

Prioranka Tyagi, head trainer, India’s skincare cosmetologist, says some tips for foot fractures. She explained that climate change, hot water baths, long feet of hot water, excessive scrub and cold temperatures can cause cracks. Lack of harsh chemicals and body hydration are said to cause foot cracks.

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She said the basic point is that the feet are dry and the body is hydrated so that it is more likely to crack. This is why drinking too much water can reduce foot cracks. This is why it is important to be highly hydrated and hydrated.

Most people have feet dry. However, they do not care much for it. This is because many people care too much about footwear. Many people use a moisturizer to moisturize the face and hands after bathing. But do not use a moisturizer for the feet. Due to this, the feet are dry. If the feet are dry, the chances of breaking are greater. There is a good way to keep the feet moist rather than dry. Keep the paws with a few more home tips as well.

There are many ways to keep the feet moist. Banana is the only medicine available at any given time. Banana is great for foot protection. This fruit helps keep your feet moist. Naveen Taneja, director of the National Skin Center, recommends that bananas be used to restore moisture to dry feet.

Beautiful feet with banana ..

banana mask for feet

Take a banana pulp and paste it on your feet. Hold this mixture for 15 minutes and then rinse your feet with water. Writing banana leaves the feet moist. Because of this, the chances of breaking the foot are low.

International makeup expert and LPS Beauty Clinic Executive Director Ishika Taneja works wonderfully on the feet. The feet should be cleaned at all times, so that the feet are covered with bare feet. This can lead to infections. Regular scrubbing of the feet will remove dead skin on the feet. But all you have to do is regularly cure the pedi at home. All you need for this is lemonade, glycerin, jojoba oil.

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Then scrub the feet with a light scrub. This can lightly scrub the dead skin on your feet. Lemon is slightly acidic. It helps to eliminate dead skin cells. Now gently massage your feet with glycerin and wear socks.

Mask to the feet ..

There is no need to use chemical ingredients or expensive products for making this mask. You can easily make a mask for the feet using kitchen ingredients. For this, mix two tablespoons avocado paste with half a cup of mayonnaise and two tablespoons oatmeal.

Pedicure at home

Doing this regularly will help your foot crack and become softer.