Beauty hair and skin care
Beauty hair and skin care

In her book The Art of Living Simply, French Dominic Loro, who has been living in Japan for 20 years, talks about how simplicity and minimalism enrich life and make people happy. One of the chapters is devoted to how to get along with a minimum of personal care products. In exchange for almost all cosmetics, Dominic Loro suggests using oil.

A unique oil for skin, hair, nails. Beauty hair and skin care without makeup: only oil.
Choose one, but perfect oil that will be used on the face, hair, body and nails. Most creams contain glycerin. And glycerin clogs the pores, prevents skin from breathing. Do not allow unnecessary items to accumulate on the vanity table in the bathroom. Make room to take care of your body to be as clean and beautiful as possible. Your bathroom will reflect the way you care for your body. The body needs oil, both outside and inside.

Inside – For your health, it is imperative to consume at least one tablespoon of high-grade cold-pressed oil a day as it softens and supports the digestive tract walls. Beauty hair and skin care without makeup: only oil.

Outside – Oil when applied to the body is quickly absorbed and penetrates deeper down into the bones, helping to prevent fractures that often plague the elderly. Unfortunately, bones become brittle over time. Oil massage, which has been practiced since ancient times, is not only a luxurious pleasure. It is also a good prevention.

Avocado oil is especially good for the body and face. It prevents the formation of fine lines around the eyes and makes the skin supple and smooth. It does not cause acne and is rich in vitamins B and E. It is also used in hair masks: it can dissolve sebum, which can then be easily removed with shampoo.

Periodically (once or twice a month), while taking a bath, apply oil to your body before getting into the hot water. Contrary to fears, the oil (no more than a tablespoon) will not make the water in the bathtub oily – the body will absorb it completely. After bathing, your skin will be as soft and silky as a baby’s.

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Completely cleanse your face with the same oil. It’s simple: put it on dry hands and massage your face, paying special attention to the parts where you have the most makeup, then wet your hands and massage again, then wash with running water (warm or cold, maybe with a mild soap). Wipe your face and feel the softness and cleanliness of the skin: her pores have been cleansed and she doesn’t need anything else – not even a nourishing or softening cream or lotion. It is a minimalist care that is perfect in itself!

All oils are different, so choose the one that suits you best. One of the most intense is avocado oil, and if you add a few drops of the oil to it, the body will smell very nice.

You can also try almond oil, which can be used to lubricate children, or squalene oil . Remember that some oils smell too much, like sesame or olive oil, so they’re not that pleasant to use. Beauty hair and skin care without makeup: only oil.

Minimalist hair care

The condition of the hair depends on the diet. Algae and sesame are healing elixirs for them.

Wash your hair not too often. Use as little shampoo as possible. First, dilute it with water in a small cup, foam it and only then apply it to your hair, otherwise it will remain on the scalp, which is usually the case.

The final rinse after washing your hair should consist of a glass of plain water in which you add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Learn to massage certain points on your scalp while shampooing your hair as if you were doing acupuncture.

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People rarely pay attention to the condition of the scalp, but under stress, the skin shrinks and prevents proper hair growth. You have to pull the skin off the skull, massaging it regularly with all ten fingers. Then, apply one or two drops of the unique oil to your hair and dry it naturally. So the hair will shine and stay clean for a long time.

Visit the hairdresser regularly. Do not neglect these visits so that the condition of your hair does not spoil your mood. In the barbershop, never give a master carte blanche: explain exactly what you want.

Wash your hair upside down (this promotes blood flow to your scalp) but do this very carefully and never detangle wet hair. Use a wooden comb with wide teeth.

Mask of olive oil or avocado oil. Warm a small (depending on the volume of your hair of course) cup of olive oil or avocado oil, without boiling it. Apply it to dry hair and wrap it in a hot and damp towel to allow the oil to soak in. After the towel has cooled down, dip it in a bowl of hot water and repeat the operation five or six times. Then wash your hair with a mild shampoo.

Now your hair will become less dry and shine bright. You can add egg yolk and some rum to the mask. Americans use two or three tablespoons of mayonnaise. The result is also good. If possible, organize such home care once a week.

Beautiful nails

– with oil. Beauty. Hair and skin care without make-up: only oil.
Beautiful well-groomed nails can magically influence your moral attitude and the way people around you have an idea about you.

After a few sessions in a beauty salon from a professional manicurist, you will learn nail care techniques. Ask as many questions as possible and try to remember how. Then become your personal manicure; all the tools and a cup of hot water are on the tray, turn on a good movie, prepare a delicious drink, turn on the answering machine on your phone and immerse yourself in the process.

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How to act:

1. Examine the nails.

2. Soak the epidermis with oil (to soften it) and keep your fingers in a cup of hot water for a quarter of an hour.

3. Remove the cuticle with a wooden stick dipped in a unique oil. Use tweezers to remove the dead skin pieces. If you wash your nails often, these particles appear less frequently. So for you a good nail brush with stiff bristles is essential.

4. Polish your nails with a special tool.

5. Massage and polish nails with a unique oil. Apply more effort to the base of the nail where it is growing from. Two enemies of nails: nail polish remover that dries and makes them brittle. A drop of oil applied to the base of the nail once or twice a day will protect the nails, even if the hands are in contact with water frequently. Although this does not negate the use of rubber gloves when you need to keep your hands in the water for a long time.

6. Wipe off excess oil with a paper napkin (cotton leaves villi), then apply one or two coats of varnish (preferably with as few harmful ingredients as possible). Contrary to popular belief, a properly applied varnish can last almost a week, protecting the nail.

Find the shape and length of your nails that fit your hands, and keep your nails that way at all times. Nails on beautiful hands can be covered with varnish, slightly less transparent than the base of varnishes. But nice bright colors on the feet will give you secret pleasure every time you take off your shoes.