Review of Lela Rochon


Review of Lela Rochon

Lela Rochon was born in Mississippi and grew up in Louisiana. The actress is known for her distinctive big red mouth that made her famous. Lela Rochon also acted in a number of films including Big, Cincinnati, Blades, Swing Vote, Bridget Jones Diary, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Man on the Moon, Pretty Woman, Dazed and confused, etc. She has also received several honors and awards for her acting career.

As an actress, Lela Rochon has accepted several awards including multiple Gemini awards and a Screenplay Oscar. Most of her acting work has been on the Lela Rochon.

Lela Rochon TV series

Married with Money, The Odd Couple, Ernie andante, Frasier, Supernanny, Touched by an Angel, Dammit Doll, Roseanne, Gidget, The Perfect Score, Everybody Loves Raymond, Mom, Dad, and a couple more. The actress also nominated for an Academy Award for Playing the Leading Girl in Everybody Loves Raymond.

Review of Lela Rochon┬ástarted her acting career in the late eighties on Broadway, playing the role of the precocious “Chicks” in Grease. After that she went on to play the same role in the musical Hair.

A Review of Lela Rochon career

As an actress, Lela Rochon has always remained active, even participating in political activism. She was arrested while participating in voter registration drives in Mississippi in 2020. A grand jury heard the charges against her and declined to indict her. Lela Rochon then filed a lawsuit against the City of New Orleans and the Bush administration over the incident, claiming her rights had been violated. She was one of the plaintiffs in a case concerning the drowning of her friend and former classmate Rita Hayworth during a protest against the demolition of the Desireville Housing Authority public housing project.

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This is the first Lela Rochon biography that I have read. The fact that she has appeared in more than fifty films is impressive enough in and of itself. The amount of credits that Lela Rochon has accumulated also shows just how successful she has been as an actress.

As you read about Lela Rochon’s life, you learn all about some of the films that she has produced and been in. Many of these were very successful and did not help her achieve any awards success, but they are still worth your time if you happen to be a fan. For example, she produced or was a key player in the making of A Time To Kill, Pretty Woman, Swing Vote, Man on the Moon, Airports, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Lela Rochon movies

Lela Rochon acting credits

One of my favorite scenes from A Time To Kill is when she is questioning Michael Oher, played by Ed Harris, about the way he died. She questions him on whether he hit his head or if he was shot. Michael Oher then reiterates that he was hit. Lela Rochon then asked him if he ever thought about how he would die. Michael Oher then says he doesn’t want to talk about it and wishes everyone a good time.

One other thing that this book reminds me of is Lela Rochon’s acting prowess. She is a true performer and that is shown through her diverse resume of films and roles. Some of her better known roles include Milk, Round Here, Deliverance, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. All of these roles were highly praised by critics and won four Academy Awards. As we know that she became one of the best known and admired actors in Hollywood.

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Lela Rochon was nominated for an MTV Movie Award for Best Breakthrough Performance and NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture.

In 1996, Rochon starred opposite Timothy Hutton in the Showtime cable network film Mr. and Mrs. Loving, receiving a Cable Ace Award nomination for Best Actress.

In 2001, Rochon made her return to television with one of leading roles alongside Bonnie Bedelia, Nancy McKeon, Tracey Needham, and Lisa Vidal in the Lifetime crime drama series, The Division. She left the series after a single season.

Overall this is a great book about Lela Rochon biographies. You will learn a lot from this book. Lela Rochon is a true Hollywood icon and I hope to see many more award winning performances. I hope that you enjoy Lela Rochon as much as I do.