ketogenic diet
ketogenic diet

If you have set out to start 2021 by trying the keto diet or ketogenic diet, you need to read this advice guide first. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Gwyneth Paltrow or Halle Berry have declared themselves fans of this type of diet, but do you know what exactly it consists of? We explain everything you need to follow it.

The keto diet has no more and no less than 112 million results on Google in its English version, and about a million and a half in its Spanish version: ketogenic diet. Keto Diet was searched for over 24 million times on Google, which equates to nearly 70,000 daily searches. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian or Gwyneth Paltrow practice it, and have made it fashionable in the United States, making it one of the healthiest options for weight loss, diabetes management, and cognitive health. A couple of years ago it crossed the pond to become one of the healthy trends of 2018 in our country.

You don’t stop hearing about it, you’ve even come across more than one keto recipe Instagram profile. You do not need more information to know that the keto diet is the one that arouses the most interest and curiosity, (with the permission of intermittent fasting that generates so much curiosity and about which we can discover a lot ) and now we are going to tell you everything you have to know from her: what is the keto diet .

For this we have asked what does the keto diet have so that more and more people bet on it? What are the main doubts of those who decide to start the keto diet? What has made it the diet most followed by celebrities in recent years? What has been written about the keto diet? And we answer all these questions:

Keto diet: more fat, less carbohydrates

According to nutritionists, the keto or ketogenic diet restricts the intake of foods rich in carbohydrates, such as cereals, sugar and even certain vegetables and fruits , in favor of foods rich in good fats and proteins, such as oily fish or avocado. The objective? Bringing the body into blood ketosis , a metabolic state similar to intermittent fasting, another of the hottest trends in nutrition.

What is ketosis on the keto diet

In reality, this state in which the body enters is not only typical of the keto or ketogenic diet. This is the name given to the moment in which the body, to obtain energy, uses fat instead of glucose (sugar). The goal of reaching ketosis is to offer the body an alternative source of energy. And it is something that can also be achieved with intermittent fasting .

But to better understand what the keto diet is , Martina Slajerova, an expert in this regimen and creator of the Keto Diet app, has published the book ‘ The ketogenic diet for beginners ‘ , an introductory manual to this lifestyle that promises to change eating habits of those who practice it. Not only does she have the necessary information to understand all the concepts and dynamics of the ketogenic diet, she also presents more than 100 recipes with natural low-carb foods.

Keto diet: how does it work?

As Martina Slajerova explains in her book, one of the great myths of nutrition is thinking that the consumption of carbohydrates is necessary to store a sufficient amount of muscle glycogen that we can use for energy. And that is precisely what brings down the keto diet.

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“While it’s true that our bodies need a small amount of glucose to perform some basic metabolic functions, the truth is that the human body prefers to use ketones as an energy source, according to dietitian Jeff Volek and physician Stephen Phinney, authors from the bestseller The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living .”

Or what is the same, the keto or ketogenic diet transforms the bodies so that they go from a metabolism of glucose to one of fats, in which only 50 grams of carbohydrates are consumed daily and with which, as it affirms, “you will feel that you have more energy and a greater sense of satiety and fewer food cravings.”

Of course, for those who warn of the danger of entering a state of nutritional ketosis, Martina assures that it is perfectly safe and that it cannot be confused with ketoacidosis, a state in which the levels of ketones in the body are between three and five times higher than those of ketosis and that shows health problems such as type 2 diabetes.

Keto diet: phases and effects

Although each person adapts differently to the keto diet, the truth is that there are three common phases for all that Martina describes as follows:

Induction Phase – Arguably the most important because this is when you reduce your carb intake to 20-25 grams a day to enter ketosis (ketone levels in the body should be between 0.5 and 3mm). This period usually lasts 3 to 4 weeks and in it you can feel somewhat overwhelmed and even have stages of anxiety. For this, Martina Slajerova leaves what, in her opinion, are the keys to the success of this phase: simplify your diet, eat enough protein and fat, avoid binge eating and avoid snacking between meals.

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Ketogenic adaptation phase : it does not have a specific duration, it all depends on the goals that each person sets. Martina Slajerova assures that since it is a complex process in which almost all the systems of the body are involved, it is normal to feel tired or even notice the symptoms of ” ketogenic flu ” , since the body needs to get used to using fatty acids and ketones as main sources of energy.

Maintenance phase : as in any diet, this phase is the most difficult to carry out, since the objective is to follow the new style of nutrition in the long term and you can fall into more than one temptation. Willpower is the fundamental pillar on which people must lean to successfully come out of this final phase.

Despite the inconveniences that, a priori , the keto or ketogenic diet reflects, the truth is that there are many cases of people who have obtained great results following this nutritional regimen. If you are considering starting the keto diet , we recommend that you take note of several things:

Get hold of some of these titles – free in Kindle version – to immerse yourself in the methodology and what the keto diet is.