best pillows
best pillows

The pillow is that inseparable bed companion , could you imagine sleeping without it? But, as happens when looking for a partner; not everything is fair to us . Sometimes we just don’t fit in and we have to say goodbye to our old pillow with a “it’s not for you, it’s for me.” Because, in that case, it is possible that this lack of “chemistry” is due to us; specifically in our posture when sleeping.

Not all CPAP pillows are the same, and the distinctions go beyond different sizes, shapes, and materials. You may then wonder which choice is the right one . We already anticipate that it depends . About what? Of our tastes but also of our needs and, especially, of how we sleep . It is not the same to do it on the back, on the side or on the back than in the fetal position. Not at all! Each of these postures needs different conditions to rest better and sleep through the night.

Do you have trouble falling asleep? Do you wake up with cervical pain? You may have to say goodbye to your old pillow and go looking for a new one. With this article we help you find the right one by recommending the best pillows to sleep according to your posture . We will tell you which are the most common postures, the advantages of memory foam pillows and which type to choose depending on how you sleep.


Most common sleeping postures

The position in which you sleep is more important than it seems. In fact, many people suffer from back and neck pain precisely after having slept in the wrong pose.

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However, we regret to tell you that correcting the posture in which you sleep is more complicated than it sounds. But, at least, we can talk to you about the most common ones and if they are good for you :

Face up :

It is the best posture to sleep well and avoid avoiding back problems. This is because the spine rests straight and without being forced and the weight of the body is distributed evenly.

Face down :

It is said that it is the worst way to sleep since we force our neck to be turned for many hours in an inappropriate posture. The cervical area is subjected to continuous pressure and stress, which can cause pain.

On the side :

It is not the best but it is a good option. In this pose our spine does not suffer. Of course, as long as you use the right pillow and mattress.

Fetal position :

It is not recommended because we lose the straight alignment that our spine should maintain.

Advantages of Memory foam pillows

If you are thinking of changing your pillow, at Dormice we recommend choosing memory foam pillows . They are the most recommended options for all those looking for a good night’s sleep and to alleviate their neck and back pain . But, in addition, they have a long list of advantages :

Stronger than options made from other materials

Adaptability : As with mattresses made of this material, a gel viscos pillow adapts much better to the shape of your neck and head.
They regain their shape : They adapt to you but regain their original shape after use.
Synthetics : They do not have any component of animal origin. Unlike, for example, feather pillows.
Hypoallergenic : Most of them have special treatments against mites. Therefore, they are safe for people who have allergies.
Durable : You can enjoy them in perfect condition for more than two and a half years. A much longer period of time compared to options made from other materials.
Breathable : They allow great ventilation, a memory foam pillow is perfect if you are hot.

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What type of pillow to choose according to your posture

To choose the best pillow according to the posture you have when sleeping, you will have to look at two characteristics: its height and firmness . The goal is to find an option that helps your head align with your spine. In other words, the vertical column and the dorsal column have to maintain the same angle as they have when we are standing in a normal posture.

If you sleep on your back or even if you change your posture a lot; the best option is a pillow that is of medium firmness and height . That is, with a thickness of about 13 or 14 cm . Whereas, if you do it upside down ; The best way to put your head in a less forced position is to choose a low firmness option that is very thin . Go for one that is less than 4 inches thick .

Low firm pillows are also recommended for children regardless of their sleeping posture. This is due to their smaller complexion.

Lastly, for people who sleep on their side ; the best option is high firmness and great thickness . Choose options that are 13 cm or more thick . In this way, the neck and back are kept aligned. If it were less thick, you run the risk of suffering back and cervical pain because the neck will be lower than the back.