How to take care of your underwear
How to take care of your underwear

How to take care of your underwear? It is very sensitive thing. To keep your underwear in good condition it is necessary to resort to some tricks. Remember that neat and good-looking underwear helps us feel more confident and better disposed throughout the day.

Many people are in the habit of washing and drying their underwear in any way, this is not the best method. On the other hand, there are many other actions that, far from helping you keep your underwear looking new, quickly ugly . We will discuss them in more detail below.

Underwear, regardless of the style and material with which it is made, should be comfortable and pleasing to the eye.

Let us consider that it is a piece of daily use that is in contact with a very delicate area of ​​our body: the genitals. It never hurts to do a little bit of good maintenance.


4 tricks to take care of your underwear

1. Wash your underwear by hand

The first trick to keeping your underwear in good condition is to do without the washing machine and wash it by hand. For this, it is recommended to use a neutral soap (without aroma) or a special one for delicate garments. In this sense, it is very important to remember that we should not overdo the use of soap, this can cause skin discomfort.

It is not only about washing with the correct soap , you also have to use water at the right temperature. Ideally, it should be between 20ºC and 30ºC, in this way the pieces will not deform.

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How to take care of your underwear Likewise, it is necessary to soak the underwear for approximately 20-30 minutes, before proceeding to rinse and rub. In case you decide to use the washing machine, use special cloth bags to protect your clothes.

2. Gently remove stains

Now, when it comes to stains, you have to proceed with delicacy. Many times we despair and tend to scrub hard without the stain disappearing. For this type of inconvenience, it is best to apply the following tricks:

If the stain is blood or another type of body fluid, put the garment in a bucket and pour some shampoo right on the stain. Add a little cold water and let it sit for 20-25 minutes before rinsing it off with plenty of water. Once the stain is gone, you can wash your underwear normally.

Tips to wear healthy underwear
Tips to wear healthy underwear

How to take care of your underwear includes this things:

If the garment is completely white, to remove the stain it is best to add a tablespoon of lemon juice or baking soda.

If it tends to discolor easily or is too rough and puffy, always wash it separately. Also add coarse salt to the water while it is soaking.
If the garment is made of silk, it is best to always wash it with a splash of hair conditioner.

3. Avoid putting your underwear to dry in the sun

Unless your underwear is completely white and you intend to keep it looking new or bleach it, don’t dry your underwear in the sun. This causes it to tend to discolor easily. So the most advisable thing is to hang it in a place where the air circulates and the sun does not shine directly.

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On the other hand, correct drying of underwear implies always avoiding the dryer . Why?

It is because the fibers with which most underwear are made deteriorate (lose elasticity) at high temperatures. So say goodbye once to this machine for this purpose. Also, do not place it on the radiator to dry as it has the same effect.

If you are hanging up your underwear to dry, be sure to drain it well and use tweezers that are not too strong. These elements tend to leave marks and deform the ends of the garments . In fact, it is best to hang them without clips, on an indoor clothesline.

4. Don’t squeeze everything into one drawer

When storing bras, it is important to know how to position them so that they do not lose their shape. If we have enough space, it is best to stack them one on top of the other, without folding them. If we have little space, we can place one glass on top of the other, in such a way that the rings form a circle.

How to take care of your underwear As for the panties, they do not have to be squeezed like socks , with a simple fold they can be stored without taking up much space.

As you may have seen, you can keep your underwear in good condition with just a few tricks. They won’t take up a lot of time and they don’t take a lot of effort either. Dare to put them into practice now to give your garments a longer life!

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