Fitness tips to stay healthy

Not enough time to exercise? Here are 10 tips to help you stay healthy at home.

As we spend more time at home, our habits change a bit.

Being indoors during the Covid epidemic means you exercise less and burn fewer calories through activity.


The following tips will help you maintain weight and maintain overall health

For many, maintaining a healthy weight has been a huge task since the guidelines for staying at home went into effect. Proper diet and exercise remain the golden rule for everyone and this statement is never old to maintain overall health and well-being. But the COVID-19 pandemic storm has damaged our daily routine and habits, making it difficult to stay on track.

As we have been staying indoors and working long hours for the past four months, we may have limited time to adhere to our previous workout or exercise routine, as many of us have programmed outdoor workouts in groups that have now taken a break. Perhaps, a change in daily routine combined with stress and not getting enough sleep can lead to many health problems such as unhealthy weight gain.

Stay fit at home

So, how can you prevent weight gain and stay healthy at home with less physical activity?

As we all know, obesity is the culprit and the root cause of many diseases. In fact, researchers have found that obesity-related conditions may exacerbate the effect of Covid-19. Maintaining a healthy weight can improve overall quality of life if infected with the virus, as well as limit problems, said MS Edwina Raj, senior dietitian at Aster CMI Hospital in Bangalore. Here are some tips to help you maintain weight during the epidemic and stay healthy with limited physical activity:

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Pulses, eggs, meat, nuts, etc. for your every meal

Add protein like lentils, eggs, meat, nuts, and peas to your every meal. It gives you a feeling of fullness and improves your metabolic rate, which contributes to weight loss.

Stay healthy at home

Mediterranean food

Consider following a Mediterranean diet, but consult your nutritionist first to understand if the eating plan is right for you. In general, the Mediterranean diet is usually fruits, vegetables, totrans, beans, nuts.

Olive oil in food

Seeds and olive oil

Eat more seeds and olive oil. It is one of the healthiest eating plans to promote health and prevent chronic diseases.

Add protein food in your diet

Protein and healthy fats

Switch to low calorie foods that are high in protein and healthy fats.

Add vegies in your diet


To maintain your appetite and portion size, start your meal with protein, then switch to vegetables and finish with carbs.

Jal jeera  for healthy diet


Keep sipping empty calorie or low calorie liquids to fill jal-jeera, kokum water, lemon water, fruit infused water, cucumber drinks, vegetable soup, green tea, etc.

Eat 3 servings daily

Be crazy about vegetables, try to eat 3 servings every day.

Opt for healthy snacks

Opt for Healthy Snacks

Choose for healthy snacks – Fruits, nuts, oil seeds and protein based foods are the best choice.

Processed mostly on white flour

Avoid snacking processed, convenient foods that are high in white flour. With high fat, sugar, chemicals and salt content, they are always unhealthy.

Your maximum limit is calories, protein, carb

Evaluate yourself for your maximum limit calorie, protein, carb and fat intake, body fat, muscle and metabolic rate which are not equal for everyone.

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Perform DNA testing:

Perform a DNA test: If you want more accurate diet and exercise advice, evaluate yourself for a DNA test to help you get a customized meal plan for your unique genetic makeup.

It is important to eat a healthy diet

Need to eat a healthy diet, which can be explored in an enjoyable way. A healthy plan combined with physical activity is crucial to maintaining health and overall well-being. By doing so, you can maintain your weight and overall health not just during the epidemic but throughout your life.