How to Remove Dark Circles
How to Remove Dark Circles

Did you know that, along with hydration and sun protection, achieving adequate rest is one of the best allies to avoid the appearance of dark circles or minimize their appearance?

The use of moisturizers for your under eyes is a heated debate in the Allure office: About half the team believes slathering the best eye cream for dark circles over this delicate area of skin can help depuff and minimize the appearance of dark circles over time

Many of the cosmetic products we buy to reduce those pesky undereye spots don’t actually solve the problem. For this reason, here are some tricks to eliminate dark circles in a natural and effective way.

This aspect has always afflicted and worried many women. Well, aesthetically, sometimes they make us look tired.

The formation of dark circles causes an alteration of the color of the skin, either by excess or by defect. A) Yes, there may be hyperpigmentation or excessive translucency under the lower lids.

So let’s get to it!


1. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun

Excessive exposure to sunlight is one of the exogenous causes that cause them.

On many occasions, this reason is not recognized as an important and causal agent of these unpleasant bags. To try to avoid it, it is important to wear sunglasses and sunscreen.

2. Get enough sleep, but not too much

It is undeniable that a restful sleep is our eyes’ best friend. When we sleep too much, the bags under the eyes become inflamed and when we sleep too little, the dark circles with their characteristic pigmentation soon appear.

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A good rest will be the best ally for your eyelids and your skin in general.

That will bring you benefits in your general health and has countless aesthetic advantages.

how to control dark circles
how to control dark circles

3. Refresh the area daily

The inclination or propensity to suffer from dark circles can be genetic or come from diseases such as hyperthyroidism or hormonal disorders .

the most appropriate is to apply a moisturizing cream and refreshing tonics , at least twice a day. Preferably, it should be applied when getting up so that the effect is greater.

4. Fennel infusions

An infusion of chamomile or fennel is very useful to calm this delicate area and eliminate dark circles in a natural way.

1 tablespoon of chamomile or fennel (15 g)
1 cup of water (250 ml)


We will heat the water and, when it boils, we will add the chosen herb and let it infuse for 3 or 5 minutes.

After the indicated time, we will strain and let cool.

As a recommendation, it will be better to put the preparation in the fridge for a long time to cool.
When it is ready, we will impregnate a cotton ball with the infusion and place it on the area for a few minutes.
Finally, it will be necessary to rinse with plenty of water.

5. Goat milk

Very cold goat’s milk is very useful to relax your tired eyes and reduce dark circles.
To make use of it you will have to lightly wet a cotton ball, and apply on your eyelids.
Leave for 10 minutes to soak on the skin and rinse with plenty of water to finish. You will be able to nourish your skin and end dark circles.

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6. Honey and grated potato

Must be applied for at least 15 consecutive days

1 raw potato
1 tablespoon of honey (25 g)

Preparation and application

To make this home remedy you will have to grate a raw potato and mix with a tablespoon of honey.
Apply and let it sit for at least 15 minutes.
To finish, rinse with plenty of water.

7. Golden mask

It is a natural preparation of Hindu origin

½ tablespoon of turmeric (7 g)
1 tablespoon of carbonated water (15 ml)
1 tablespoon of rose water (15 ml)


To make it, just mix the turmeric with a few drops of rose water and carbonated water and combine well.

It is applied and left on the skin for 15 minutes. Then it must be removed with plenty of water.

8. Vitamin E capsules

It is a powerful antioxidant that also protects from the sun’s rays

Caffeine stimulates microcirculation in the area

1 tablespoon of ground coffee (15 g)
1 vitamin E capsule


This trick is especially useful if we have a party or an event and our dark circles are very marked

We will mix both ingredients until obtaining a homogeneous paste and we will apply it in the area of ​​the dark circles.
If we do not have vitamin E, we can substitute a little aloe vera or aloe vera gel.

9. Green tea

After making your infusion, leave the bags very wet and put them in the fridge for a few minutes. When they are fresh, place them on the eyelids and you can take advantage of all the antioxidant and detoxifying properties of tea in this area of ​​your skin.

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Now you know how to remove dark circles naturally and effectively. If you are one of those who have chronic dark circles, do not hesitate to try these tips to see which one suits you best.