cbd oil for women's health
cbd oil for women's health

Are you wondering what CBD is for ? CBD oil has many and varied benefits, especially for women, since it regulates the production of hormones, relieves pain and you can even include it in your cosmetic routine. Does it surprise you? If you want to discover the properties and advantages, read on.


Benefits of CBD for PMS

CBD oil is one of the best allies for premenstrual syndrome. Those days when you have intermittent mood swings and when your body doesn’t seem to be with you either: slight dizziness, some nausea , kidney pain and the dreaded colic.

If you still have doubts about knowing what is CBD for during the menstrual cycle ? In all cases, CBD oil can help you improve physically and mentally during this period.

Some examples:

Relieves menstrual pain and inflammation: thanks to CBD, which acts directly on muscle tissue receptors, pain is reduced and the muscles are relieved , especially that of the endometrium. Likewise, it can reduce pain in the kidneys, knees and even the usual migraines that occur during bleeding or the days before.

Reduces irritability: During the days prior to bleeding, it is common for mood to drop, as we lose some of the so-called happiness hormones . If you are looking to use it and you do not know what CBD is for, you should know that CBD oil contributes to the increase in serotonin, improving moods. At the same time, it reduces the famous lows, stress, irritability and crying.

Uses of cbd
Uses of cbd

Reduces pain from endometriosis

Endometriosis can be excessively painful for women who have been diagnosed with it. This includes: severe pelvic pain accompanied by cramping, abdominal pain, kidney pain, and dizziness on bleeding days.

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If you are looking to avoid or relieve these symptoms and you are wondering what is CBD for? You should know that CBD oil is a natural and healthy alternative to pharmacy medications and that you can include it in your routine during that cycle week.

Relieves effects of polycystic ovary

Women with polycystic ovary may have irregular and painful periods, in addition, in many cases they can last more than a week. To make your menstruation lighter, another of the benefits that you have to know what CBD is for is that it regulates the hormones that intervene during the menstrual cycle

Benefits of CBD in your cosmetic routine

Many women wonder what CBD is for in their cosmetic routine and the answer is simple: to make the skin look younger, smoother and healthier. CBD regulates our hormones and therefore the existence of acne .

In addition, CBD oil calms us and relieves us of stress , which has an immediate impact on the epidermis and specifically on the facial area, which is the most sensitive of all.

Control acne breakouts

Did you know that CBD is sebostatic? In other words, it regulates the production of sebum thanks to the fact that it inhibits the synthesis of sebum that appears in the so-called sebaceous glands.

In short: using CBD oil on your face helps to reduce acne and can even clear it up completely after several days of application. It is useful at any age and for acne of all types.

prevents aging

Looking for a natural alternative to delay aging, it was found that cannabidiol, one of the 113 cannabinoids that make up CBD, protects and neutralizes free radical damage to the skin . No matter how many years go by, you sunbathe and use cosmetics, including CBD oil on a regular basis helps alleviate damage and manages to reduce the age of your face, keeping the skin smooth and healthy.

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On the other hand, people who have sensitive skin have discovered a natural alternative by knowing what CBD is for in their skin care. Cannabinoids are indicated to reduce or eliminate psoriasis , atopic dermatitis, eczema and alleviate other skin diseases.

Benefits of CBD during your sexual intercourse

Taking CBD a few hours or minutes before starting a sexual relationship is highly recommended. On the one hand, on a psychological level it will allow you to be more uninhibited, more confident, calm, relaxed… all of this will help you enjoy the sexual relationship more .

If you are also looking for another benefit about what CBD is for during your sexual intercourse , the main thing is that if you have any kind of discomfort during sexual intercourse such as vaginal pain, possible discomfort or itching, CBD oil can help you thanks to the fact that it relaxes and dilates the vaginal muscles.

Restores libido and improves lubrication

Finally, it is important to know what CBD is for in private and how it has a positive effect on the body and mind . The main thing is that CBD regulates our body and also balances our hormones so it instinctively increases your arousal, your libido, and even helps you lubricate more easily