What to consider before buying a CBD oil
What to consider before buying a CBD oil

buying a CBD oil ” The first time I tried CBD oil I didn’t know what I was taking . A friend had given it to me so I trusted that it was good and that it was the one that would suit me. And the truth is that it was perfect for me, the drama came when I had to buy one by myself, and I realized that there is an immense variety. I assure you that I learned the hard way that not all oils are created equal. The one I bought was really disgusting and I didn’t understand why. After researching, I realized that I had bought one based on an oil that I did not like at all, but absolutely nothing .

And when we heard this, it almost seemed like it was also our story at the beginning of having contact with CBD, and that there were few brands before! But now, little by little, the market is becoming more saturated and new brands are emerging every day, which is why it is increasingly important to know how to find a good CBD product and to avoid the same thing happening to you as our friend, We leave you a list of what things to take into account before buying a CBD oil:


1. Do you have third party testing?

Before buying a CBD oil, you should check if the company has done tests in an external laboratory.

Why is it very important to look at this?

There are fake or mislabeled products. False labeling is common, if they tell you that there is 5% CBD in 10ml, confirm this by looking at the analysis because it may have less than what it says.

Where can you see the proof?

See if they have it on their website so you can easily see it. If not, contact the company and ask if you can see it. If they tell you that they do not have it or that it is not available, that is a very bad sign. It may be that they have not done so or that they have something to hide.

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If you want to see our analyzes you can download them by clicking here

When was the analysis approved?

Doing tests in a laboratory is very expensive and that is why many companies try to skip it. Usually the date the test was completed will be at the top of the report. Simply having test results may not be enough if those results are not current. For example, you are looking at an analysis from 2 or 3 years ago, but their CBD oil was manufactured last month. How can you know that what the test report shows is true for this batch of product? The more recent the lab results, the better.

2. Where does hemp come from and under what conditions was it grown?

We recommend that you use CBD products that come from organic cultivation. Why? Hemp is an incredible plant with many uses and one of its characteristics is that it cleans the soil. It can absorb heavy metals and other toxic substances , which is why it was used in Chernobyl to clean and heal the ground after the nuclear disaster. How important is this? It is extremely important that the CBD you consume is not only potent, but also clean, pure, and free of contaminants . Look for products that come from organic farming. And by the way, all our products come from European organic farming.

3. What type of CBD does the product have? Does it contain THC?

The terms: “ CBD Isolate ” (isolated CBD), “ Broad Spectrum ” (broad spectrum), and “ Full Spectrum ” (full spectrum) may be new to you, but do not worry , we explain it here . First you have to ask yourself what type of CBD oil you are interested in using. Depending on your needs and the legality of THC in your country. A full spectrum CBD oil (with THC) may not be for you.

As we explained in point one, the falsification of products and labels is real and care must be taken. If they sell you a full spectrum oil and it says 0% THC on the label, IT IS NOT FULL SPECTRUM! You have to understand the difference between the three and check the product to make sure what type of CBD you use.

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4. What ingredients are there?

Apart from the CBD, your product has a base oil to transport the CBD and you should take this into account when choosing one. You have several options, but the most common is that it is based on hemp oil or MCT oil , which will influence the taste of the product.

Hemp oil has a very strong taste and smell, that’s why our products are based on coconut MCT , they have no taste or smell . We want our products to be as pure as possible, that’s why we don’t use any type of flavoring either.

5. Way of extraction

We divide the ways of extraction into two categories: mechanical or chemical . Although there are many ways of extraction, some so simple that one can do it at home and others that are very elaborate and expensive and require specialized technicians. The best method today is CO2 extraction , which uses CO2 gas to separate the oil from the rest of the plant. Why is CO2 extraction the best? Since there is no CO2 left in the oil after extraction, it is cleaner.

There are other extraction methods, many of which use solvents such as ethanol to separate the CBD. The concern with this extraction method is that traces of the used solvent may remain in the final product. That is why it is important for us that our CBD is extracted by CO2 to ensure that it is pure.

6. How much CBD does the product contain and how much is in each dose?

Depending on your needs and the price of the oil, you may need one or the other. The 4% concentration of CBD is known as ” the minimum effective dose “, which is what is usually recommended when a person starts in the world of CBD. For this reason, we do not have percentages lower than 5%, to ensure that our product has the desired effect.

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How to calculate the power? Each pipette is normally one millimeter, so if the bottle is 10 ml and contains, for example, 500 mg of CBD, the formula is as follows:

500mg/10ml= 50mg per serving

If you want to be much more precise or precise, we leave you here a dose calculator .

7. Is the price reasonable?

Do not trust the very cheap prices because it is probably not a good product. CBD prices are primarily determined by the method of extraction, the quality of the raw material, and the overall level of potency. Although there are also other factors that can cause the price to vary, for example, if the product contains premium ingredients to amplify its effects, if it has a special applicator, etc.

As we told you before, quality control is extremely important, which is why the best products come from organic hemp (obviously more expensive) because they are free of pesticides and contaminating agents.

8. Do you feel good about supporting this company?

Read reviews to get an idea of ​​the brand, it can help you to know how others have felt using their products and it will help you avoid problems and see if their products are worth trying. Get into their networks and see what image they have and if they provide help to their followers . Also check if the company belongs to a multinational or if it is independent , what are their ethics or if they are sustainable .

We know that when you are consuming a product, you want to feel sure that it has been grown and produced with the greatest care. Yoyo Calm is without pesticides, herbicides, without solvents, without additives, flavorings, sweeteners, or preservatives.