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Face Lotion Recipes

Face Lotion Recipes

Face Lotion Recipes aloe varlet's start with the easiest one thinkable and the beginning of it all. This post is for all you Do...
How to use Bach Flowers

How to use Bach Flowers to harmonize health and emotions

The 38 flower remedies that Dr. Bach developed in the 1930s are more relevant than ever as an aid to harmonize health and emotions. More...
homemade temporary tattoo

How to make a homemade temporary tattoo

Tattoos are a timeless trend, however many people have difficulty deciding on a specific design that will stay on their skin forever, others prefer...
online bullying

9 ways to protect yourself against online bullying

To prevent online harassment it is important to educate in the proper use of the internet. Some simple measures help stop this social problem. Aims...
herbal tinctures

What are herbal tinctures and what are they used for?

To prepare an herbal tincture you only need herbs (dried or fresh) and alcohol. We show you how to do it, what these liquid...
turmeric for skin care

Benefits and limitations of turmeric for skin care

There are several benefits of turmeric to care for the skin. However, precautions should also be taken regarding its possible side effects. Did you know...
Aloe vera regenerating cream

Aloe Vera regenerating cream very easy to prepare

Aloe Vera is one of the most used plants in the production of different cosmetic products, such as regenerating creams, for example. Lately it has...
Perm Curls

Perm Curls: 5 Styles to Try the Trend

As far as hair is concerned, very few women are satisfied with their natural texture, especially if it is straight. Fortunately, for this type...
Skin Sagging

Skin Sagging: Causes And Probable Treatments

Skin sagging has become one of the most common side effects witnessed by people who spent hours in the gym. It can occur both...
Silk saree blouse designs collection

Trending Silk saree blouse designs collection

Silk sarees are hard to find alternative matching blouse with beautiful patterns. Silk saree blouse designs are not only beautiful but also perfect in...

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