Bimbisara is a action movie directed by Vashishta. The movie casts Nandamuri Kalyan Ram, Catherine Tresa, Samyukta Menon and Warina Hussain are in the lead roles. The Music composed by Chirantan Bhatt while cinematography done by Chota K Naidu and it is edited by Tammiraju. The film is produced by Hari Krishna K under NTR.


Massive response to the second trailer of “Bimbisara” too..!

Currently, one of the many films that are ready for release from our Tollywood with huge expectations is the big budget film “Bimbisara” starring Nandamuri Kalyan Ram as Catherine and Samyukta Menon in the main lead. Directed by young director Vashishta, this huge film was opened with the same concept. And while the makers are working to increase the hype on this film, the second trailer was released yesterday by Young Tiger NTR.

However, it started with a massive response within minutes of its release. This trailer has already received a huge response. And this trailer got 78 lakh views in 13 hours. With this, it should be said that this is another sensational response in Tier Heroes. After all, it is the trailer’s turn and we have to see where the expectations of the movie will go with the pre-release tomorrow.

What is the run time of Kalyan Ram’s ‘Bimbisara’ movie? ?

Young director Vashishta Malindi is making a huge social fantasy action movie Bimbisara with Nandamuri Kalyan Ram. The first look posters, teaser, trailer released from this movie which has created many expectations from the beginning, along with the release trailer released today, all these have raised the expectations of the movie to the highest level among the audience. Hero Kalyan Ram, director Vashishta along with heroines Samyukta, Varina, Catherine, music director Chirantan Bhatt, all have worked hard for the movie and the unit is hopeful that Bimbisara will be a success after its release on August 5.

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It seems that the total run time of this movie is 2 hours and 26 minutes, produced by K Harikrishna under the banner of NTR Arts. It is said that director Vashishta has directed the movie with a gripping screenplay to entertain the audience in every scene. Cameraman Chota K Naidu believes that after the release of Bimbisara, Kalyan Ram will surely get a better name as a hero and his market will also increase. All in all, it remains to be seen how much hype Bimbisara will create after its release, which has created expectations at this level.

Kalyan Ram’s Mass Transformation for “Bimbisara”!

Our Tollywood film heroes from the latest young generation to the senior heroes are known to work hard for the film. And most recently, Nandamuri hero Kalyan Ram’s photos regarding his mass transformation have gone viral on social media. He is known for his latest big budget awaited film “Bimbisara”.

But Kalyan Ram changed his body in a range for this movie. The exercises done for the film before the start of the film show his commitment. Kalyan Ram had a six pack in the past too but for Bimbisara he prepared his body which was not completely in shape at the same level and proved his dedication. With this these photos became viral in the media. This huge movie directed by Vashishta is doing good promotions now and this movie is going to release on August 5

Main Highlights Away in ‘Bimbisara’ – Kalyan Ram

Currently Nandamuri Kalyan Ram’s latest movie is Bimbisara under NTR Arts banner. Produced by K Harikrishna, this movie is a socio-fantasy saga action entertainer. Expectations are already high on this movie. In this, Kalyan Ram will be seen as King Bimbisara of Trigarthala while Chirantan Bhatt will provide the background score of Keeravani. Kalyan Ram shared many highlights about this movie while talking to the media.

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He said that the main highlight of the film was the story given by the director Vashishta, he had been waiting for a story for many years, Vashishta had told him such a story, but later they both made some changes in the complete script. Also, the way Vashishta showed that story on screen is better. Besides the role of Bimbisara in this movie, along with the time travel theme, the photographer Chota K Naidu, who provided excellent visuals for the movie, also said that the work of the VFX department is very amazing.

Most importantly, Kalyan Ram expressed the hope that the background score provided by Keeravani will be the backbone of the movie, and as the songs have already entertained the audience, the movie, which will be released on August 5, will definitely be liked by the audience.