Liger trailer
Liger trailer

Vijay Deverakonda (Vijay Deverakonda) and star director Puri Jagannadh (Puri Jagannadh) combination of Pan India film ‘Liger’ (Liger). The movie will release on August 25. Megastar Chiranjeevi (Chiranjeevi), pan India star Prabhas (Prabhas), Malayalam trailer (Dulquer Salman) and Hindi trailer (Ranveer Singh) released the movie’s trailer on Thursday (July 21). If we go into the details of how the original trailer is..

Liger trailer review

He was born to a lion and a tiger, sir.. Crossbreed is my child. The trailer of Liger started with Ramya Krishnan’s voice over. In the movie, you can see scenes like Ramya Krishna taking his son and kicking him when he gets angry. That is, on one hand, Puri Jagannath has elevated the sentiment of mother. On the other hand, Puri Jagannath gave a small touch that he is going to show the love and romantic angle between Vijay Devarakonda and Ananya Panday.

And Vijay elevated Devarakonda as a Hollywood hero. It is known that the action scenes in the movie are going to be in peaks and the story is about what it would be like if the hero who does street fights in the movie gets into the boxing ring. Ronit Roy is seen in the role of a coach to Vijay Deverakonda. Puri also revealed the look of Mike Tyson who played a key role in the movie. Vijay Devarakonda’s character was shown to have a stutter. Vijay Devarakonda means that I am a fighter.. If you are a fighter, then Mike Tyson says that I am anyone. The main point of the movie is not shown in the trailer. On August 25th, the fighter named Liger is to be seen on the silver screen.

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The film is made with the backdrop of boxing. Boxing legend Mike Tyson (Mike Tyson) played a key role in it. It is reported that he will appear in the climax fight. And Bollywood beauty Ananya Panday (Ananya Panday) is the heroine in this. After the blockbuster movie like ‘Ismart Shankar’, this is the upcoming film directed by Puri Jagannath.