online bullying
online bullying

To prevent online harassment it is important to educate in the proper use of the internet. Some simple measures help stop this social problem.

Aims to manipulate, harass, frighten or get something in return


Spreading false information and rumors

By posting previously private conversations, photos, or videos that are being shared for the purpose of humiliating and exposing another.
Sending hateful , threatening or aggressive messages through social networks or online messaging .
With the creation of fake accounts to impersonate someone, either to harass or to spread lies.

Ways to protect yourself against online bullying

Some indicators that can indicate the presence of online harassment are the following:

  • Intense use of the connection device.
  • The person becomes nervous or shows discomfort when receiving a message .
  • The screen or the device is hidden and it is avoided to refer to what is being done with the mobile.
  • There are evident emotional changes , such as anguish, withdrawal, anxiety and somatization .
  • The appearance of these symptoms warns about the need to protect against online harassment. For that, you have to take some simple, but efficient measures, which we will tell you about here.

1. Check your privacy settings

Let’s take care not to have our whole life exposed

For example, we can have public profiles, but create groups with special permissions, which are for those who have access to certain publications.

2. Do not accept requests from strangers

it is advisable to limit the number of people

3. Report aggressive or inappropriate comments
Avoid encouraging revenge or revenge

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5. Use a quality antivirus
There are many free options that prevent your data from being exposed.

6. Try to connect from safe places
Sometimes public Wi-Fi is risky

7. Cover the camera or choose devices that allow it to be covered
notebooks have a tab that slides to open or close the camera

Or opt for those devices in which a light comes on when the camera is active. In this way, we can prevent a third party from capturing scenes from our daily lives.

8. Talk about the use of social networks with your children
We must warn the children in our home about its benefits


9. Take a screenshot of what looks like bullying to you
save a screenshot of that material.

Together we stop online bullying:

Online bullying is dangerous because of the speed with which photos, videos, and even fake news spread. Behind a screen, without face-to-face contact, people dare to write rude comments that they would not repeat in other areas.

bravery many feel with the right to say what they want

Therefore, online harassment is a responsibility of all people; not only of those who send the message, but also of those who receive it and continue to make it viral, of those who laugh and of all those who do not put a stop to something that should not have been public.

These actions reach children, family and work. Let us be aware that digital violence is very harmful.