mood board
mood board

Sometimes, what we need is to capture all those ideas that haunt our minds on an inspiration board. Know what a “mood board” is and learn how to make one.

This map can be digital, or if you like crafts, made with cutouts of different materials. The first thing is to define what your purpose is going to be; that is, a decoration project, a business or entrepreneurship plan, perhaps a wedding or party.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about it. And get to work!


What is a mood board?

The mood board is a kind of visual map

The inspiration board is widely used in the creative field, by interior designers , event planners, product designers and other professionals in similar activities. But this does not mean that it cannot be implemented in various fields.

How do you make a mood board?

you must follow guidelines so that the meaning of the wall of inspiration is not lost.

mood board

This title must be closely related to the project.

A word limit is recommended for both the main title and keywords. This should be around a maximum of 5 words.

It is about having a holistic idea of ​​the project.

2. Collect related images

mood board collage You just have to find and put together those images that you like and inspire

This is intended for your wall of inspiration to transmit emotion and the desire to materialize the plan. There must be a focal image; the rest must revolve around your imagination. Play with spaces, colors and letters.

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3. Choose a support

you can opt for some of the various supports available on the market:

cardboard .
Pieces of cloth.

4. Filter and choose

Once you have accumulated a significant number of images and letters that you think will inspire you, it is time to capture them on the support. No fixing the images yet. In this way, you will have a better development of the concept.

Mood board: a tool to meet objectives
mood board an inspiration board that brings us a little closer to the goals

It doesn’t matter if it’s a trip, an event or even a venture. Unleash your creativity and you’ll be one step closer to getting what you want.