Senior Citizens
Senior Citizens

Meditation is one of the best ways you can really focus on the betterment of your physical and mental health, regardless of your age. In fact, it is a very healthy practice for senior citizens to take on due to a plethora of reasons. If you want your parents, grandparents, or any senior citizens to get into meditation, the guided lessons of meditation in Hindi from Cult. Live will be really helpful. Here are six reasons why senior citizens must meditate:


Better Digestion:

Meditation mainly involves many breathing exercises that increase the amount of oxygen your body produces. Due to increased oxygen levels, the oxygen supply to your digestive organs also increases, making them function smoothly. As many senior citizens often have digestive issues, this is a great benefit that will help them.

Enhances Memory:

One of the biggest benefits of meditation is how it helps the mind to really focus and stay alert. The increased oxygen levels play an important part in better cognitive function. In old age, our brain often starts to slow down compared to our youth. However, with an increased oxygen supply to the brain, your brain hemispheres are able to coordinate better, leading to better memory, higher thinking skills, more concentration, etc.

Reduces Stress:

Meditation is known to trigger the happy part of the brain and release feel-good hormones like serotonin. It also controls the production of the stress hormone called cortisol. Old age is a time when life can often take its toll, and many senior citizens go through feelings of stress and anxiety. Meditation is a very effective way to help manage that and be happy.

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Reduces Risks Of Health Conditions:

Old age can be a time when a person is very at risk of health conditions due to weakened bodily functions. Meditation can help you fight that and strengthen your body to reduce the risk of health conditions like hypertension, heart diseases, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and more. Even if you are already a patient, meditation can help you keep it in check.

Controls Pain:

Meditation really allows you to focus on your breathing and let go of the present for a moment. It frees you of your worries, lessening physical as well as mental pain. Hence, this is a very good practice for senior citizens.

Improves Sleep Patterns:

Stress is what often keeps us from having a good night’s sleep, and this can get worse in old age. Meditation helps you control your stress and negative thoughts, improving sleep patterns and helping you sleep better.

Take advantage of all these benefits and more to make your old age a happy one with Cult.Live’s meditation in Hindi pack. This consists of 4 sessions that focus on deeply calming down your mind, body and soul. You can start your 14 days free trial right away before purchasing this meditation in Hindi pack as it is very convenient for any senior citizens in your home. Do your part in taking care of people who have cared for you all their life with this pack!