smoothies for glowing skin

This is the place for all the festivals, weddings, festivals, weddings, festivals and rituals in Kartika month. Especially weddings are going on too much. And is there any bride who doesn’t want to look stunning in all these weddings? Every bride thinks about her beauty before marriage. However, this is not easy. Lightning caused by artificial treatments of the skin .. lasts only a few days. To always shine as a new bride ..

The key to this is staying in your kitchen. Yes .. Smoothies can be made using some of the ingredients in the kitchen and drink .. Your skin will be clean from the inside. Even if you are tired of shopping hard, wedding ceremony can look great. So let’s see how we can make these smoothies.

keera smoothie


Smoothie with Keera

Most people look beautiful .. Face packs face. But before that you have to make a habit of eating healthy. To avoid dark circles .. If you are accustomed to tearing the pieces of keera .. Applying it from the top .. This will give you more nutrients from the inside of the keera. Beautiful skinless skin will be your own.

Green Apple Smoothie

green apple smoothie

Do you like apple Eat apples on a regular basis .. You will hear that there is no need to go to the doctor. Apple also makes the skin shiny. All you have to do is make a smoothie with apple and milk curry. It provides so many vitamins to our body and makes the skin smooth and shiny.

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Cabbage Smoothie


Cabbage is not what most people like. However, taking it in gives our body many nutrients. It also makes the skin look pretty shiny. If you don’t like regular cabbage, try red cabbage. Antioxidants .. It protects your skin from damage. You can also add fruits of your choice without tasting the cabbage.

Kale Smoothie

smoothies for skin

Kale .. is a wonderful leaf that provides many nutrients even though it is less available in our country. The importance of kale in the beauty world is incalculable. It contains many vitamins and minerals. Taking papaya together with it will repair your skin cells.

Beet root, strawberry smoothie

Smoothies for natural glowing skin

Although the root of the beet is red .. the tongue causes itching .. most people are not interested in eating it. However, people who drink beet root smoothie have good results. Strawberries also add flavor to the taste. It also prevents constipation. It also helps the skin to become completely clean. Rashes away from spots.

Lemon and Blueberry Smoothie

Lemon smoothie skin

Lemon is like a boon to us. This makes our skin glowing and healthy. Drinking a smoothie with lemon juice and blueberries is not so sweet, but rather sour. Antioxidants in them .. make the skin shiny from the inside.