Free yourself from all fears and start running. Running has been gaining popularity among many people for years for its ability to empower us. Do you really know all its benefits?

n and move the length and breadth of an avenue while music echoes in your headphones. Years ago running  became fashionable. We see it in the streets, parks and green areas where many people go to do sports, disconnect or free themselves from daily stress. Because the advantages of going for a run go far beyond the physical and it is that our mind also finds benefits in this sport that draws attention for being free, liberating and empowering. Still not on the runners’ side ?

Statistics and studies say so. The brand  Adidas Running has bet in its last campaign on the motto # MásRápidoQue . Through a global study of 6,000 runners from six cities, the firm reveals how running is no longer exclusively focused on being the fastest. Its benefits are many and it is not about being the first. In fact, 87% of the respondents revealed that they do not run to achieve better times but that they do so with a focus on transformation and personal improvement .

The magic and power of sport: finding what you thought did not already exist in you”

There are many stories of personal inspiration among lovers of running . Many people seeing how their physical and mental well-being gradually improves. Among respondents in this study, 60% agreed that regular running provided mental health benefits , 47% said it allowed them to disconnect from the everyday stress of modern life , and 68% admitted that this is the only time. the day you don’t use your phone .

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But are we really aware of the benefits of running ? In this line, journalist and broker Erica Sánchez writes and works , author of the book ‘ Corro y soy mujer. How a stride can change your life . ‘ A book full of experiences, dreams and tips to gain confidence, security and self-esteem . How? Through running , that push you need to dare with everything and bet on you. Journalist Erica Sánchez, running changed her life and now, from her Corro y Soy mujer platform , she encourages thousands of women every day to start this practice.

A first stride can change your life, opening the door to a future with less fear and more self-esteem, more strength, optimism and the ability to take charge of your projects.

We leave you here some tips to start running . Because we know that it is not always easy to find the necessary energy, but with these keys you can overcome that apathy that prevents you from running. Do you join the running revolution to empower yourself?

Here are some tips:

  1. Set weekly priorities that you are able to achieve
  2. Print your plan and put it in a visible place
  3. Never underestimate your abilities
  4. Leave your sportswear ready
  5. Find routes that you like
  6. Play measuring routes and making mind maps
  7. Looking for company to go out
  8. Do not understand sports time as an obligation