Get rid of Tan

Turn in the sun for a while to get a tan on the skin. It is impossible to say how much tan will accumulate on our skin during the summer? Some home tips for you to get rid of it ..


1. With Lemon Juice ..

lemon juice for tan

Ascorbic acid in lemon juice leaves dead skin cells on the skin and makes the skin glow. What we need to do to get this result is to take a slice of lemonade and remove the seeds from it. Rub it on the face. Where the tan is high, rub it even longer. Leave it for five minutes after massage is complete.

Then massage the face with oil for two minutes. When massaged, it leaves behind dirt, dead cells, and mud on the skin. After that the skin is completely clean .. it shines beautifully. If you are taking lemon juice for the first time, you should first do a patch test. Apply a little lemon juice on the chin. Even after a few minutes, you can follow this tip if nothing seems to bother you.

Beauty tips for tan

2. Tomato, Sandalwood, Aloe

If you have a face pack made of tomato, red sandalwood and aloe, it is good for tan and skin cleansing.

Take a tablespoon of red shallot and let it soak for 20 to 30 minutes. Combine the spoon tomato pulp and a little aloe pulp in a soaked gourd and blend it into a blender. Apply it to the face and let it dry for 20 to 30 minutes. Rinse with cold water and then the tan on the face is lost.

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strawberry for rid of tan

3. Strawberry And Milk Cream

Strawberry, Milk Cream Face pack tan is very effective. Dark spots also cause skin to blend.

Take some strawberries and knead them with a spoon or blender. To this add two tablespoons of milk cream. These two should be combined well and applied to the face pack. Rinse with cold water after half an hour.

rid of tan in summer

4. Papaya and Honey Face Pack

Enzymes in papaya do magic on the skin. They exfoliate the skin and exfoliate the skin and make the skin look beautiful. The properties of honey nourish the skin.

Take a piece of well-dipped papaya fruit and grind it well. Add a spoonful of honey to it and mix well. Apply this mixture to the face and let it dry completely. After that, rinsing with lukewarm water gives good results.

Remove tan in summer

5. Lemon Juice And Rose Water

Lemon juice has natural bleaching properties. They remove the tan and exfoliate the skin. Rose water and kira dosa juice are added to the skin. This mixture also reduces dark spots on the skin.

One tablespoon of lemon juice, lettuce and rose water should be taken. Put these three in a bowl and mix well. Dip the cotton ball into the mixture and apply it to the face. Washing your face in the fridge after a quarter or twenty minutes will give you good results.