foods rich in vitamin D


Vitamins shield the body. Like a castle wall, they protect the body from various problems. We need to take these vitamins through diet. These were not produced by the body itself. One out of every thirteen vitamins.

Vitamin D deficiency can lead to rickets in young children. In adults, the bones become soft. Also, if you do not have enough vitamin D, the chances of getting colorectal cancer in men and breast cancer in women will increase.


Foods that are rich in vitamin D ..

vitamin D foods

1. Milk, dairy products

Milk, yogurt, buttermilk, cheese, butter, cheese … all are rich in vitamin D. Along with these the eggs are also very good. However the egg should be taken along with the yoke. This is because of the fact that Vitamin D is found in eggs.

vitamin D foods in your diet

2. Fish

Fish such as salmon and tuna contain vitamin D. The calcium and omega-3 fatty acids that make up your diet will make your diet nutrient rich.

vitamin d rich mushrooms

3. Mushrooms ..

Mushrooms are low in fat and high in nutrients. Vitamin D is also high. These can be used in a wide variety of dishes. Pizza, pasta, fried rice, sandwiches, omelettes, ster-fried veggies … you like.

vitamin D foods in everyday life

4. Whole Grains

Vitamin D is also found in wheat, barley, sugar and oats. However, these should be taken without processing.

Vitamin helps the eyes to see better and the reproductive system works better. Strong the immune system. All the parts of the body work exactly as they should. There are eight types of vitamin B. All together it is called the Bee Complex. The bee complex serves as the building block for the health body. This is also the reason why energy levels stay right.

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Brain function also requires the b vitamin. Vitamin c is especially helpful for tissue growth and development. This fights against vitamin free radicals. This vitamin can also help to absorb body iron and reduce injuries. Vitamin strengthens this immune system and fights against viruses and bacteria. Vitamin K is key to bone health and helps in blood clotting. This vitamin makes the protein that Bones needs.

Vitamin D is especially important for the protection of bones. The body needs enough vitamin D to get the calcium it needs for bones. Without vitamin D the body does not get enough calcium. As a result, the bones and teeth become weaker. Vitamin D is the main source of sunlight if all the other vitamins are served by the diet. Those who are unable to do so can also take vitamin D through diet.

Under the current circumstances, it is not possible to get vitamin D from sunlight. Aside from the monsoon, the sun does not look real every day. The corona virus, on the other hand, has no way of going out. Vitamin D deficiency is more likely to occur in such cases.