best jeans for Flat Butts
best jeans for Flat Butts

jeans for low buttocks The subject of the perfect jeans has already been settled. There are some that are ideal with your body type , the black ones are the coolest and the high-waisted ones are the most stylish.

Jeans for low buttocks

But, Google just tipped us off that there’s a question many women ask themselves on a daily basis: “what jeans should I wear if I don’t have a lot of butt?” .

those of us who have flat pomp, we know how difficult it can be to find jeans that fit us.

But do not spread panic!

skinny jeans curvy thick thighs
skinny jeans curvy thick thighs


We are talking about that seam that is above the pockets and starts from both ends of the waist to join in the center.

The secret is that when these seams form a double arch (read, each of these “arches” would frame a booty ) or have a V-shape (the most classic) they will deepen the lower back while enhancing and rounding the shape . of our bubbles.


The key is to find that the back pockets are neither too big nor too small so that our buttocks are not crushed.


We’ve talked about the benefits of high shooting countless times. They are the best trick of shorties and they are the jeans that best fit all .

But best of all, they work wonders when you don’t have much booty . Because it keeps them fixed in place and raised.

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