How to Raise Babies without Diapers?

The method so that the child does not have to wear a diaper gains followers among those in favor of a more natural upbringing, although not all experts consider it reliable.

Raising a baby without diapers is a trend that is gaining adherents among environmentalists committed to caring for the planet.

since it prevents them from ending up in the garbage – and those in favor of a more natural upbringing of children.

This article explains what nappy-free parenting is and why it is gaining followers, how parents who practice it manage to recognize when their child needs to use the potty, and some professional reluctance to this method.

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How to Raise Babies without Diapers? Let us know it.

Raising a baby without a diaper is an increasingly widespread trend , which is even echoed by the prestigious newspaper ‘The New York Times’. Among those who practice it, there are some who find it an ecological option , since it avoids throwing away used diapers in the trash. But it is also embraced by supporters of so-called natural nurturing.

Also called natural infant hygiene or communication elimination , nappy-free parenting has been widely used by many women in India, Africa, and Japan for years.

Babies without diapers, what does it consist of?

Diaper less parenting requires parents to learn to recognize when their babies need to urinate or defecate.

Supporters of this method argue that raising the child without diapers can be done in a mixed and gradual way , that is, the pads can be used at night, when it is more difficult to monitor the baby. It is also possible to start when the little one is already a few months old, to make it something easier.

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Raising a baby without diapers

How to Raise Babies without Diapers? Methodology

Dispensing with diapers for raising the baby is based on the methodology proposed by authors such as Laurie Boucke and Ingrid Bauer . The idea is that parents learn to interpret the signals that their child emits when he needs to urinate or defecate. Then, it is necessary to place him in a suitable place (a urinal, a basin, the toilet). This explains why diaper less parenting advocates have to distribute urinals throughout the house, especially in rooms where the little one spends most of his time.

Nappy-free parenting, how to make it work

Parents should not only be responsible for interpreting the warning gestures of their little ones. The task is for the adults to make a repeated sound each time they read the need on the babies’ faces . In this way, the little one learns to identify sound with stool or urination. ” Babies are aware of their bowel movements from birth and, therefore, from a very young age they emit gestures that precede them”, explains Regine Schön, psychologist and professor at the University of Helsinki.

Shön points out that numerous leaks are foreseeable in the early stages of this method , but states that these “decrease over time . ” To avoid the disruption that this entails, many caregivers choose to use diapers as a reinforcement in cases where it is more difficult to pick up the baby’s signals, such as at night or when traveling with the child .

How diaper less parenting works?

For diaper less parenting to work, it is essential How to Raise Babies without Diapers?
That parents identify as accurately as possible when the little one is ready to pee or poop. Proponents of diaper less parenting say that recognizing baby’s gestures is a matter of practice, although it requires spending a lot of time in intense contact with the child. Some facial expressions, tension in the abdominal muscles , changes in breathing, the baby’s crying , as well as certain guttural sounds are frequent alerts.

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Close contact with the child, say its practitioners, allows them to learn their habitual rhythms, as well as their needs. When they are smaller, it is more difficult due to the high frequency of bowel movements, but as they grow, it will be easier to identify if they usually relieve themselves after eating or if it is common for them to urinate after drinking some liquid.

tips to avoid diapers for kids

Parenting without diapers, arguments in favor

Proponents of nappy-free parenting or communication elimination make some strong arguments in favor of this method.
It is more economical , since it avoids the considerable expense of a baby’s diapers during the first two or three years of life.

Not wearing diapers takes care of the Planet . Waste does not end up in the garbage can, so the environment welcomes it.

The child is free from suffering some alterations such as diaper rash .

It favors the creation of a stronger bond between the baby and the parent.

The specialists in this method also point out that it is not essential to abandon the diapers at all times ; They can be used when adult control is more difficult, such as on trips, at night, or on outings.

The natural posture that children usually adopt with adult help reduces their constipation .

Contrary to the baby method without diapers

Many are the specialists, however, who show their reluctance against parenting without diapers. Among them is Thomas Berry Brazelton , one of the most renowned pediatricians in the United States , who acknowledges his lack of confidence in the method.

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“It is necessary to wait until 18 months to start the training to stop the diaper , which will be completed between two and three years,” he says in the scientific publication ‘Pediatrics’.

Even the biggest supporters recognize no less than an obstacle to getting diaper-free rearing into motion : it certainly takes a long time , a rare commodity in our fast-paced urban lives.

Raising a baby without diapers involves a lot of practice and intense contact with children.